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My fiance is half vietnamese and the majority of his extended family is Vietnamese.  The majority of them live in CA and we live in TX with some of his other family but our wedding will be in TN due to us moving there in a month for my fiances job.  My family has said they would go to the wedding regarless of location but his aunts and unlces on his Vietnamese side say they most likely won't go, and money is not a problem for these people.  My fiance is worried that his side will be sparse due to them not going(large family too), and they are all very close to him so I think it bothers him but he won't admit it.  His father doesn't seem to care about it and they are his brothers and sisters but he didn't go to one of his nephews weddings just last summer just because. 

Is that a normal Vietnamese way to look at weddings? Or are my in-laws crazy?

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    Sounds like your in-laws are crazy! Hahaa. I'm vietnamese (growing up here though), my FI is caucasian. I will actually have more relatives at our wedding next year in Philadelphia than my FI's side. Weddings are big occassions for vietnamese people - since divorce and re-marriage are still not very common in that culture. So my dad is inviting everyone so to speak, even relatives that we have in CA and TX i didnt know existed beforehand. Hahaa. And they are supposed to all come to our wedding - even though i kinda hope they wont make it to Philly - since my FI and I are paying for the whole wedding... :)
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    I'm also Vietnamese, grew up here too.  However, my dad is similar to your FI's father.  I asked him for my relative's address who live in other states and he was surprised.  We too are very close, I think he just didnt want it to be a bothersome thing for our relatives, that's his personality.  I'm inviting them all anyways.  

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    I think it kinda depends on the situation. My FFIL is Laotian and he doesn't talk to his family at all and told us not to bother inviting them. My mother is Korean and expects us to invite the relatives she knows the address too.
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  • That is weird.. Usually Vietnamese people will invite all their family members to show off the new addition to the family... My mother-in-law invited all the relatives and even her close friends that even we didn't know about!

    Weddings are a huge thing for Vietnamese people.. I don't get why his side of the family doesnt want to go.. Unless their just trying to make it hard on your two and want things their way...
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