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Elssol Photography--anyone use them?

Hey..I spoke with them and they quoted us really great packages combining video and photography. The only thing I felt was weird was they do their consultations by coming to you and not at their office. Is that weird? Also, has anyone used them? How are they?


Re: Elssol Photography--anyone use them?

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Elssol Photography--anyone use them? : I booked with them. Their office is located in the bronx but we didnt want to travel to the bronx so we ask them if they can meet with us at our home....
    Posted by jennybarbie[/QUOTE]

    Okay that makes me feel better! Do you know other people who used them? I am wondering about their work.
  • I've read on LIweddings that Elssol posts a lot of reviews/posts on boards like this as a "bride" named just as an FYI, I've heard some not-so-great things.
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