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Walk from Mirage to Maggiano's?

After going insane for a couple weeks now I may have decided I'm goin to do my ceremony at Mirage and have the reception at Maggiano's.  But the only thing is we're planning on about 60-70 people there so is that too far to make them walk? 
I'm having my wedding on a Tuesday and MGM grand and Mirage told me I can't book my reception until 2 months prior to my wedding for some reason.  I don't want to wait that long.
I've seen so many good reviews about Maggiano's so I figured I'd try this idea out!

Thanks so much!

Re: Walk from Mirage to Maggiano's?

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    It's over 1/2 mile walk, which if everyone was wearing gym shoes, I'd say go for it. However, if I was all dressed up and wearing heels, I wouldn't want to and myne and Ben's grandparents would defiantly not be able to do it.

    I would probably look for something that could start shuttling guests over while your taking any post wedding pics.
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    There's a tram from Mirage to Treasure Island, and Maggiano's is next to TI.
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    I think that is a walk for people that are all dressed up. But, you know your guests the best and it may be fine for them to do that. I know my guests are mostly driving, and most of my younger friends are taking taxis because they hate driving on the strip.
    Just ask some friends and family and see how they feel about walking or if they would mind taking a taxi or bus. I dont see why you would need to provide transportation for such a short distance, but thats probably just me.
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    wow I guess it's a lot further than it looks on the map.  Thanks a lot girls :)  Hopefully everyone will be ok with using the tram.
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    Everything in Vegas looks closer than it actually is. I learned that leason my first time in Vegas when we decided we could walk from PH to Luxor. It looked so close! My poor feet were blistered for the rest of the trip.
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    I would recommend the tram to TI then walk over to Maggianos...even though its kinda a walk through the hotels just to get to the tram...but its still wayyy easier!

    Our last night in Vegas on our first trip there we saw Love @ the Mirage and then headed over to the Forum shops to watch the fall of the Atlantis show...we had purchased the 3 day monorail pass but I wasn't in the mood to walk to harrahs or the flamingo to catch it and then still have to walk from mgm so we decided to just walk back to our hotel (luxor) seriously took like over an hour!
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    Where in the Mirage are you getting married...are you having an in-suite?  Just curious. :)
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    Well I haven't figured anything out for sure.  I'm going nuts! haha.  I was thinking about getting married by the pool.
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    We got married at the Flamingo in October & did a walk from there to Maggiano's & I gotta tell ya we had a blast! We had about 40 people at our wedding & about half of them walked with us. The other half took their rental cars, etc. & offered rides to the others. Everyone at our wedding said it was one of the best things that weekend. We did take our time stopping at casino's for a drink or two (took us about an hr  and a half with our stops). We kind of made a processional out of it and we got so many cheers from people on the strip. I did it in 3 inch heels but I wear heels a lot so it wasn't an issue for me, we took our time and none of our guests seemed to have any problems.
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    It was too far of a walk for our guests as some of them were 65+ and many girls in heels - also it was in June so waaaaaay too hot.  We ended up with a party bus to transport our guests (only had 24 people though).  However, walking back from Maggianos to the Mirage where we all stayed was a blast.  We didn't provide tranportation back.  People could catch cabs or walk with us.  I had a change of shoes though.
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