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Air brush makeup?

It was suggested to me to have my makeup air brushed for my wedding as it won't get shinny, etc - especially if this beautiful weather continues. Is this true? Would anyone recommend someone they have used? My hairstylist works with one, but she charges $140 - I thought this was insane. Any information / advise appreciated!

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Re: Air brush makeup?

  • As for air brushing: I do not suggest it for weddings. As a makeup artist i can tell you the honest truth about it in my opinion

    The only time I do air brushing is for television. I highly believe that you get a better and flawless coverage with the proper concealor, primer and foundation. The air brushed foundation can be very heavy (especially in the summer months) and it splatters. And since I do recommend your hair be done prior to having makeup done - there is no control in regards to specs of foundation landing in your hair. The air brush foundation also contains oils that break down makeup. This means that makeup won't last as long. A regular makeup application will last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. With air brushing - the oils will break down the makeup which usually results in only 4-6 hours of lasting results. This is why for television it is better (plus the actors have lots of lights on them which is why they need such a thick coverage) I personally picked regualr makeup for my wedding last year since I knew the results would be much better.

    If you want a basic makeup application - you should be able to find someone for $50-$75 per person. if you do decide to go with air brushing, you can probably find someone for $115-$150 per person

    if you have any questions - let me know!
    Orly Kahn *Makeup Artist* www.orlykahn.carbonmade.com
  • I looked into it, and that was about the going price. I found even higher than that!

    I ended up going with non-airbrush and I was happy. I did a trial a few months before so I could "test" the durability of the look and figure out my problem areas (i.e. the foundation liked to melt off my nose).
  • Sadly, this is around the amount bridal makeup will cost, if it's just you getting your makeup done.  If you have have your bridal party get their make up done, whether you pay for it or them, it will likely cost you cheaper.  When I was pricing MUA - just for the bride, it's anywhere from $75 up to $150 if you want airbrushing.  If you have a number of attendants who get it done, it'll be around $55-$80, sometimes free depending on how many of your party gets their make up done.

    Urban Decay has a spray called All Nighter, and it sets your makeup for 12 hours.  Heard rave reviews for it from both MUA and from brides who did their make up themselves.
  • i got air brush for prom and i really liked it. if my budget allows for it, i will be getting it done
  • naomikbnaomikb member
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    I got regular makeup because I couldn't justify the airbrush price.  I haven't heard of anyone disappointed with the airbrush though!

    If you don't want to pay extra for airbrush just take blotting papers and powder with you - you won't be shiny.

  • nay1984nay1984 member
    does anyone know of any good companies in the gta? more mississauga oakville area that does airbrush?
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  • Jewel -- could you recommend any companies, or some of the cheaper ones from your research!? I am in York Region... THANKS!
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  • Melfacto - do you want airbrush or regular make up?
  • I got airbrush make up for my engagement pics and loved it.


    Cristina was super nice, reasonably priced, just what I was looking for!
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