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Catholic wedding venues

I was wondering if any of you happen to know of any Catholic churches for the ceremony that aren't strict (either the bride or groom is Catholic but not both) in the Bay Area.

I am currently Roman Catholic with all my sacraments thus far, but my fiance is not Catholic or Christian at all. He is totally willing to raise our kids Catholic but isn't really willing to convert.

I have heard of St. Cecilia in SF on 17th Ave, but it costs so much! ($1200 just for the venue, and not including all the extra honorariums or tips to everyone else helping during your wedding!).

Any suggestions?

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    Is your FI baptized?

    The Catholic church will marry a Catholic and a non-Christian, but then it wouldn't be a sacrament.  You'd still have to undergo marriage prep.  In general, the archdiocese of San Francisco seems to be very open to mixed marriages, so I think getting the dispensation should be easy.

    I was married in Menlo Park at St. Raymond's.  The church fee was only about $250, but of course then there were the counseling fees, the organist, etc.  And I was a member of the parish, so I think there was some discount.

    If you aren't looking for a fancy, expensive wedding, check out some of the smaller chapels in the suburbs, the costs will be lower in the "less photogenic" locations.  The big and famous churches and cathedrals in SF are all expensive because so many brides want the pretty backdrop and most are not parishioners.

    Good luck! 
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    Yup, what PP said.  Some of the diocese aren't super strict, as long as you're agreeing to raise any future children in the Catholic ways.  Definitely check with the diocese before you get set on the church.  I think my church, Saint John the Baptist in Milpitas, isn't as strict about both parties being Catholic. 
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    Thanks, mica178 and aleanette! I actually found one in SF that would marry us. The fee is quite expensive, but I'm glad that the priest would allow it!

    He did mention the marriage prep, and raising the kids Catholic also.  We'll see how it goes!

    Thanks for all the advice!

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