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Frustrated with my boobs!!!

I have seriously bought  4 bras for my dress and either they show in the back or they don't provide any support at all. I was going to go with built in cups but i have no idea where to start there. I talked to the tailor and she told me to go to hancock and buy what i wanted. I have no idea what i'm supposed to buy there. Do they sell boob cups?! Any suggestions for bras with support(34D) and low back would be great!!! TIA

Re: Frustrated with my boobs!!!

  • Being a small chested girl I am not sure the best way to fix your problem, but most dresses are pretty well constructed in the front that boob cups should work. They do sell them at Hancock-- they are like bras without the straps. You just buy the size you want and sew them in place. If your dress has a tighter or more constructed bodice, I imagine that this should work well.

  • Yup, you can find them at Hancock or Joanns. They're usually amongst other notions like thread, needles and zippers.

    Or, any strapless bra would work with a low back converter- I know Victoria's Secret sells them and you can find them online too.
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  • I bought a low back converter bra from Fredricks and it like pulled my boobs down rather than holding them up. I didn't find any at VS that didn't have the halter for support.
  • I'm a 36D and I had cups sewn into my dress. Tthey work so much better than a strapless or low back bra, IMO.  I say if your dress can support it, buy the cups and forget about trying to find a bra that works with your dress.  You'll just be worried about the bra all day if it's not perfect.  I also hate low back bras.  I don't think they work effectively enough.

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  • I'm smaller too, but I wanted built in cups to give the girls a boost. My seamstress had me bring her a strapless bra and said that she'd be able to cut it apart and sew it in the dress, as that had the potential to be cheaper than buying cups and I was able to choose the level of padding.

    FWIW, my dress had minimal structure and I chose cups with pretty thick padding. It turned out great, probably in part because I'm smaller. If your dress has any kind of structure to the bodice, any decent seamstress should be able to sew in cups and make you look great in your dress.
  • Well I took my dress in yesterday and she said that with the boning in the dress i don't need any cups sewn in or anything. I don't quite know how i feel about that because i feel like i will need something. The hemming will be done by March 9th so we'll see how the next appointment goes!
  • I think that you will probably be fine. Now that I think back on it, all of my BMs, who are all very chesty, went without bras in their BM dresses, which are usually less constructed than a wedding gown. After your fitting you can always ask her to add cups if you need them.
  • I had really good luck at Allure Intimates on Grand Avenue.  They had a good selection in my size (40DD) and more that they could special order if needed.  They're not the cheapest place around but I'm very happy with how supported I feel in the long line bra I bought.
  • I am fairly big chested too, and I was originally going to go without a bra, but the seamstress suggested cups for me, and she happened to have some there that she just put in (mostly to cover if I get cold, but for minimal support as well).  If your dress is well made and supportive, I wouldn't be afraid to go without cups!
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