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they charge HOW MUCH for a photographer?!

So, we've started researching photographers in our area (northern VT) and it seems that any halfway decent photographer has packages starting at $3500!  One of them actually quoted me at $8000.  
My question is: am I simply finding the best-of-the-best shooters, or is this a reasonable cost?  Quality pictures are important to me, but at this rate we'll have to start shifting cash around to cover.  
Thanks in advance!

Re: they charge HOW MUCH for a photographer?!

  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    I would try your local board if it is active.

    In Dallas, photographers run the gamut from $1500 to the sky is the limit.  Look at what is offered in the package--the way I got the photographer I wanted was to cut out bridals and I didn't get the fanciest album.  I still got an E-pic session, a nice album and 2 shooters for 8 hours on my wedding day. I made my parents' albums myself instead of ordering one from my photographer.   Photographers will tailor their packages to suit your needs.  It may be that you are looking at loaded packages and could trim one down to save some money.
  • kelle017kelle017 member
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    We are paying $2000 (west michigan), for all day coverage, 2 shooters, engagment session and rights, the wedding pics and rights.  We opted out of the albums because I can make them myself. I think it's a pretty good deal for what I've seen.
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    Thanks for the advice, ladies!  Much appreciated! :)  I was starting to worry that my pics were going to look like they were taken by a tipsy uncle or something... I'll try those suggestions!  

  • Hello,
    I am a photographer as well, but I do think that 8,000 is a bit steep.  That being said, photography prices vary drastically with a photographers skill, employees, and also, their fame in the area.  Id recommend looking at some less "well known" photographers in your area and seeing what they can do for you.  You can usually find a very good photographer in the 1,500-3,000 dollar range depending on what you want.  If you do fall in love with a particular photographer that is higher priced, talk with them to see if you can design a package that meets your price point better. Most good photographers will have a variable rate that can be customized!  Price aside, make sure to go with someone who is trustworthy! If what they are offering seems WAY too good to be true, you might want to investigate them a bit closer!

    hope this helps!

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    See if you can find a photographer who doesn't do prints.  I am seriously considering a local photographer who does amazing work, working out of her home.  She puts all of your high-res photos - complete with Photoshop touch-ups - on a DVD with a full copyright release for you to do with what you will.  Her price for 8 hours of coverage on your wedding day?  $800.  That's right.  Eight HUNDRED.
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  • lana2007lana2007 member
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    From what I have seen, $3000 looks about right. I am a wedding photographer based in Chile now and I know another American wedding photographer here who used to do weddings in the US for $3000 (and she had to travel all the way from Chile)..

    I would do a wedding in VT for $2,500, just because I'm looking to shoot weddings everywhere and I get free airfare :)


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    Careful, guys - they're pretty strict about vendors on this board.
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    I am a VErmont Bride...currenlty in Williston, but grew up in the NEK.  We are using Jeff Schnederman.  $1500 for the day, CD of pictures.  He just did our engagement phots ...take look and feel free to PM if you want to chat

    Here is the link to the proofs: http://anami.zenfolio.com/rebecca_jerry -  password is henri.
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    thanks rlp1969!  believe it or not, I'm in Williston as well!  I actually found a photographer that is FANTASTIC (Paul Reynolds), who will shoot our wedding.  I hadn't considered him, as I thought that it was strictly art-based work that he did.  and your pics are fantastic!  looks so wonderful! :)

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    Don't go with someone just because they are cheap...go with them because they do QUALITY work.  We're paying $2900 for 2 photographers who do AWESOME work...in our package we get unlimited time, engagement session with 100 engagement cards, 24x24 leather bound book of the wedding, 1 8x10, 2 5x7's, and 4 4x6's, a personalized website for family and friends to view pictures, a cd slide show of our images, and a cd with FULL rez pictures with printing rights....we had the option to get 2 parent books instead of the full rez cd but I'm a Photographer so I can put together my own layouts and print out unlimited images :) 
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