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Centerpiece ideas

Hi my wedding is in aug. 2012 and I really need help with some ideas for the centerpieces. It is tradition in my FIs family to give away all the centerpieces to differnt family member. I do not want to do real flowers but something that people can use if they wanted.Idea, vases with floating candles... but i need more to it. Just seems a little boring to me. Wedding colors are black a purple. I will take any advise
Thanks ladies
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Re: Centerpiece ideas

  • I'm struggling with the same thing! We have an August wedding as well, and I also wanted centerpieces that people can take as a gift. I came across a cool picture of a mason jar centerpiece. There were a couple different size jars filled halfway with sand and a candle resting on top. Maybe you can do some jars with black sand and a candle and some jars with purple colored sand and a candle. Or all with black sand and a candle with a purple ribbon around the jar? Just a thought!! Happy planning!!

  • Is it anticipated that every person at the table (say 8-10 people) all walk out with something? Or if there are 3-4 things on the table, they are taken by anyone at the table?

    You could have nice candleholders with candles on top, and maybe some glass votives surrounding the one larger/taller candle holder. I did vellum wraps around glass votive holders, directions in my bio below, then click the link for DIY instructions.

    We had these, 2 to a table, but when I bought them over 18 months ago, they were on sale for I think $3.50 each. We had people take everything home including the fresh flowers because I didn't want to deal with selling them.

    You can also find great candleholders at Ikea or just google online.

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