DIY: Which ones are worth it?

So ladies, I have found in my wedding planning time that there are some DIY projects that are worth the effort, time, and possible injuries; and there are some that aren't.  Which projects have you found to be worthwhile and whichones do you wish you had just purchased?

My list:
Bridesmaid hair accessories
STD from vista print
toss bouquet
photo booth
Tears of Joy tissues
Cake table letters
Flower girl basket

The ones I decided to purchase
favor tags (I hate dealing with printers)
Bottle labels

What are yours ladies? We all have different talents and ideas and I think it would be good for us to share!

Re: DIY: Which ones are worth it?

  • hcorr34hcorr34 member
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    Worth it to me (mostly for $$ reasons):

    STDs on VP
    Bridesmaids jewelry
    Shoes (the blingy part)
    Pomanders (ceremony decorations)

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  • ivyrose13ivyrose13 member
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    Favor Tags
    Escort Cards
    Ring Bearer Pillow
    Flower Girl Basket
    Unity Candle
    Aisle Runner
    Flower Cones
    Table Numbers
    1/2 of our Centerpieces

    Items I decided to purchase: 
    bouquets, bouts, and corsages
    our cake
    the other 1/2 of our centerpieces

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    I have  a link in my bio to all of the DIY stuff I have done so far.  For me, it was more about wanting the wedding to have a personal feeling, and the fun of doing some of these projects, rather than saving money.  Unfortunately, some of these crafty projects probably cost me more than they are worth, but I've had fun :)
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    Off the top of my head, 

    Just easier (for me) to buy:
    the girls' earrings were still extremely affordable (three pairs for under $30)
    Cake topper (probably my single favourite wedding item)
    hair fascinator
    chair covers - cheaper than making them

    DIY d20 cufflinks
    cupcake stands
    all the photobooth things
    bench covers and aisle runner

    Man... I need to put together a bio.


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    We got married on 10-2
    I was originally going to DIY the bouquets.. I decided last minute to go with a florist and I'm so glad I did.

    Here's what I DIY'd
    bridesmaid jewelry
    table numbers
    table runners
    I designed my invitations on VP and they came out beautiful
    centerpieces- I collected wine bottles forever and sprayed them with a frost spray paint.. I put ribbon around the neck and flowers in them.
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