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Brooch Bouquet

Is anyone doing one? I plan on making mine but I haven't decided what to do for the bridesmaids. So I need some input. Should I make smaller bouquets for the girls or have a flower bouquet? Would regular flowers look weird with one?
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Re: Brooch Bouquet

  • I'm doing one : my girls are gonna have real flowers...makes it more special :
  • I absolutely love brooch bouquets! I was actually thinking about doing this until I realized I really couldn't do without flowers because 1. I love flowers and 2. FI said he always pictured me walking down the aisle with flowers.

    I think it would be pretty if you had the brooch bouquet and your bridesmaids had flowers.
  • I think you could go either route. I'm considering making these large paper flowers from a tutorial I got off Pinterest for my BMs to carry- they'd each get one large flower. Have yet to get the stuff to make them though :-)
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    White Knot

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  • I just finished mine over the weekend (eek! My first completed DIY) LOL! Anyways my girls will be carrying white hydrangea silk bouquets with purple flowers scattered through. Also I scattered these tiny flower rhinestone pins to incorporate some of the "bling". Hope that helps let me know if you need any help or advice :) btw found the cheapest brooches on eBay :)
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