Recently engaged, leaving for Teach for America... eek!

So, as of today I have been engaged for a week and a half! I'm extremely excited and so eagar to plan this wedding. I've been with my FI, David, for 5 years, however it'll be at least two years before we get married. That's due to the fact that I'm moving from Tucson, AZ (our hometown) to New Haven, CT to be a Teach for America corps member. I'm really passionate about TFA and it's highly selective, so it's not an option not to do it. Plus, David's super supportive.

He has year left of school before he applies to medical school. Super senior! I just got my degree in Creative Writing and Anthroplogy in December. TFA is a huge committment, so I'm starting wedding planning/ideas now as my time will be at a premium come the next month or so. Anyone else done/doing/thinking of the long distance thing? I think an LDR is doing to be a challenge, but I have no doubts we'll make it through.
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Re: Recently engaged, leaving for Teach for America... eek!

  • It sucks, but is completely do-able. FI and I went to undergrad 5 hours apart and have currently been in an LDR for almost 5 years. We make sure to talk everyday and plan when we can see each other again before we leave each other. It makes it a lot easier when you know when you'll see each other, even if it is far away. Needless to say, living in the same city will be my favorite benedfit of getting married.
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