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How Do I Choose a Photographer?

I have spent at least 2 months with at least 5 meetings with different photographers and I feel like I'm not exactly sure who to choose anymore.  I know what my budget would like to be, so that makes it easier to rule out the ones that we can't afford, but then I don't know how to choose which one from the rest of them-plus, every time I log onto FB and see another one of my friends that got married, there's another photographer and there pictures are good as well, and then I start inquiring about that one and then the pool of potentials just gets bigger and I end up with another meeting.

Assistance please!

Re: How Do I Choose a Photographer?

  • For me, I really clicked with my photographer so that made it easy.  When I met with her, she took charge of the meeting (instead of me doing all the talking) and knew what questions I wanted answered without me having to even ask.  She showed me an entire wedding from beginning to end (that was not on her website) so I could see how she would capture the day.  I just knew when I left the meeting that she was the one.

    So for me, it was about how I felt when I met with her.  I saw lots of photographers that had beautiful photos but I felt the most confident with her than I had with anyone else.

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    It is important for you to click with your photographer because you will be around each other all day.  I used my friends photographer from her wedding.  I was in the WP and had first knowledge of her style and how she really disappeared into the background, almost like she wasn't there!  If you like your friends photographer, it doesn't hurt to interview them as well.  I got a discount from my photog because she also did my friends wedding.

    But just like the dress, at some point you need to make your decision and then stop looking at other photographers!
  • I looked at  a few things when deciding which photograher to choose, they were

    1. Did my fiance and I feel comfortable around her?
    2. Within budget?
    3. How she reacted to my ideas (We want to do a trash the dress in a railyard)
    4. Did she provide the coverage we wanted?
    5. Was she willing to travel to our wedding location?
    6. Her portfolio
    7. How prepared she was when she came to the initial meeting.

  • Some other things to keep in mind:

    How much experience does she/he have? If it is a company with a team of photogs - ask about experience of the photographer that will be used on your wedding day - if they can't guarantee a certain photographer that could become an issue later. 

    Take a look at their contract and see if there is anything that you don't agree with or that is left out. There are lots of things that need to be included that may become important later. There are threads and info on the web of what should be incuded. Pics are so, so important - you'll want to make sure that you're comfortable that everything is covered in the contract. 

    The more people that you know that have used a photographer and had a great experience - the better!  Ask around for a family photog - someone that has worked with them more than once. IE: My aunt and my cousin used a caterer and were super happy - so that's where I went and because it was a 'duplicate' referral - it saved us some money. 

    And how you 'vibe' with them is super important! If you get one bad feeling or one weird question - move on. If everything is great - you love their style, they're recommended by someone who had a good experience and contract looks 'em and move to the next task! :)
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