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Saxophone player in the Madison area? also- need advice...

Hello!  I am in love with the idea of having a saxophone player for my ceremony.  But I can't find ANY listings for any in the area.  Does anyone know of anyone that I could hire for this?  Or any extra resources for finding someone?

Also... I am just not very good at the music stuff... so let me ask you this- I have seen videos of sax players for ceremonies and am in love... its dramatic, different, and classy... perfect!  But,  do you think that sax music is too much for during the cocktail hour/dinner?  I like live music for that rather than dj (we will have a dj for the dancing/party portion of the evening) but I do not want to hire more than one musician or group - so would sax music be fitting for this too?

thanks girls!

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Re: Saxophone player in the Madison area? also- need advice...

  • Have you tried calling the music departments at colleges? Even a local high school. If none of the students are available, perhaps the professors/teachers can provide recommendations.

    Do you have a music store in your area (one that does lessons and sells band instruments)? If so, I'm sure they could also provide recommendations.

    You might have better luck getting a Jazz combo (guitarist, percussionist, saxophonist) than a solo musician. It would probably sound better too, and they could play a wider variety of music.

    For example, I play the saxophone, but I would only play in a combo if I played professionally.
  • Thank you for the suggestions!
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  • I know the Juke Box Bandstand has a Sax player that they work with. Check out there webiste @ www.jukeboxbandstand.com
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