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April 2013 Weddings

Going out of business?

I heard a rumor through a businessman in my town, that the restaurant I'm having my wedding dinner at is slowly going out of business. Now, if I was still having the large wedding, I'd be freaking out. But with only 15 people, it will be easy enough to find a new place since I know of other restaurants with private rooms that could work. I don't really feel like e-mailing the event planner there to ask if that rumor is true, but I probably should.. what do you think? Just not worry about it unless they actually go out of business and they tell me, (as it is just a rumor at this point), or inquire about it now?
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Re: Going out of business?

  • Eh I'd probably call. I'll admit that I am a bit neurotic and obsessive about this stuff sometimes, but I still think it's the better option as I don't really see any harm in calling. Worst they could do is deny it, even if it is happening and you'd still be in the same boat as before. Best, they'd admit there are some issues and you can decide whether or not you want to move on to a new place now or ride out the wave and see if they're able to stay in business. But, it's your call. If you don't feel like it and don't feel like it would be an issue if they suddenly close in, say, March, then no big! 15 really isn't that hard to accomodate. We've definitely done it day of for impromptu family dinners that just get out of hand in size.
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  • I'd call.  I'm a control freak :-P

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  • I'd definitely call.  Where we're getting married, April is their busiest month of the year for weddings and we couldn't even find a place to have a rehearsal dinner at 7 months out - we had to reserve the conference room in the hotel where we blocked rooms and have food catered in.  You definitely don't want to be scrambling at the last minute for a new restaurant, especially if you want a private room as opposed to just being shoved in the main dining area.
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  • I would be on the phone so quickly.  But I like knoiwng and being in control of our wedding plans.  I need to stay on top of things and organized or I would go insane.
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  • I just emailed, I'll give her till the end of the week until I'm on the phone finding out. What a pain!
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