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Good Afternoon!!

It's a yucky rainy today...so does not feel like a Tuesday.

How is everyone?  The usual going on here, work is busy but can't seem to focus, lol!
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Re: Good Afternoon!!

  • Hey nicole! it is rainy/snowy here too. ugh

    I'm am antsy as HECK and can't concentrate on work. FI just texted me that our invites arrived. I can't wait to get home and check them out!!
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  • That's exciting Sara! Snowy n crapy coldness here! I'm am sooo ready for our trip and to be done and not have to spend all my spare time researching wedding things def gettin burnt out!
  • Meg you are getting so close! I'm sure it will all come together perfectly and I agree that we will ALL be happy to not have to spend so much time researching wedding stuff.
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  • I'm super antsy today, too, and can't focus for the life of me. Ahhh! It doesn't help that I'm the ONLY person on my floor today so I've had little to no human interaction today. Ugh.

    Sara - yay for your invitations! :) So glad they arrived.

    I also agree with you, Meg... I'm really done with wedding related searches. Starting to burn out and we still haven't even decided if we'll have an AHR. 
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  • I have heard stories from old marrieds that they missed the planning.  Let me tell you even though I didn't do a lot for mine, I am so glad to be married and not have anything else to worry about! Lol!!
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  • TerriHuggTerriHugg member
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    I'm with all of you on this wedding search burn out. It doesn't help that I write about weddings for a living. So this is what I do 24/7 now that I'm getting married!

    Things are finally coming together here. Booked the space for teh private reception. But I'm not happy with all the extra charges associated with it. Even after paying $650 to rent out the space for a private reception, I'm still expected to pay extra for food per person, plus rent out the tables, chairs, table cloths and napkins! It's ridiculous. but i'm not going to stress about it. I Just can't wait till everything is done! 

    Otherwise, my spring cleaning is going well. Got my kitchen in order. 

    I think my fi and mom are up to something sneaky. They've been making alot of phone calls to each other lately. Everytime I ask what's going on I'm told to be patient! I"m totally not patient! LOL

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  • Haha Terri hopefully you find out what it is soon! I can't imagine doing this 24/7 luckily you are almost done as well! Sucks about all your extras but I am sure it will be perfect and worth it! Nicole the wedding is the easy part its the darn AHR taking up all my time! Kate I don't want to sway you one way or the other but good luck with your choice! ! I know it will be worth it to share all our wedding pics and things with family and friends that can't go, drink, eat and have a gd time but I am ready for it to.pass!
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