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When do you have the bridal shower

Hey Ladies... I am curious about your thoughts on the timing of the pre wedding parties... How many months before the wedding is the appropriate time for the bridal shower? And we are planning on doing a Couple Shower as well... what are you thoughts.

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    I believe it's within the last six weeks or so before the wedding, generally... although mine will not fall into that timeframe due to work schedules and travel (lots of OOT family).

    What are our thoughts on what, exactly?  A couple shower?  Perfectly fine, and likely more fun than a "traditional" shower, IMO.

    And remember, you don't plan the shower, and you don't ask for one.  You get a shower if someone else offers to host one for you.
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    I don't think it should be that much sooner than the wedding. I'm okay with some exceptions, though. My friend had one more than 6 weeks from the wedding, but her bridal party knew that the time period before the wedding was going to be hard. Plus, she was having a lot of OOT people to the wedding and the shower who were probably not going to want to travel twice so close together.

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    [QUOTE]And remember, you don't plan the shower, and you don't ask for one.  You get a shower if someone else offers to host one for you.
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    Yes, please don't forget this.
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    My bridal shower was in April, we got married in June. I guess it was about 8 weeks before the wedding, but living out of town, I had to go with what worked not only for the hostesses, but my work schedule and flights as well.
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    Most people I know had theirs 3 months before the wedding.  I had mine 5 months in advance, one in October and one in November for a March 5th wedding.  I did mine early because I wanted to have them before all the snow came  (OOT people driving in Michigan) and before everyone got busy with the holidays.  We didn't want to wait until January because in my family we have 11 birthdays that month and it is always busy.  February I though was too close to the wedding plus we have our bachelor/bachelorette weekend in Feb.

    Edited: I think a couples shower sounds like fun!

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    My bridal shower is March 20th. My wedding is on May 22nd. I live in Germany and will be flying back to NY for both, so my bridesmaids scheduled the shower around my dress fitting since plane tickets aren't cheap.
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    I am having one in January since that will be the only time my FI will be home before our wedding (June 4th)  and the host wanted to throw a couples shower. My others will be closer to the date, like in April and May..
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    Showers are supposed to be within a 6-week window prior to the event.

    I was taught this rule when I tried to coordinate a shower about 12 weeks prior, and the older women told me quite bluntly that they didn't care how showers went where I was from, but HERE IS THE SOUTH WE FOLLOW THE REAL ETIQUETTE, which is 6-weeks from the event at the earliest.
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