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September 2012 Weddings

Compare your....

Cake inspiration to your real cake!

Did it end up being what you originally planned? What changed from your first ideas?

Re: Compare your....

  • This was my main idea: rustic, round, just generally looking like a cake, not a scuplture-y thing:
    But with some sugared fruit:

    ....aaaaand I have no pictures of my actual cake...and barely any recollection of what it did look like! ;P I think it did look a fair bit like the one on top. I think? Hopefully those pics will come soon, because there are some details I definitely didn't take in!! I did at least eat about half a piece! It was lemon, with marionberry filling, and some lemon curd, and lemon icing. It tasted great! But what did it look like? Not 100% sure, though I did look at it, and I remember saying it was really pretty! Hee.

    We also had wedding pies, and I got most of a piece of the pear-huckleberry (YUM!) that night and a piece of the apple the next day. Missed the blackberry-raspberry tho.
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  • This was the inspiration. I wanted something pretty much exactly like this. But we changed the layering heights.

    This is the actual. The flower and ribbon was a little pale for what I had imagined, but it was still really pretty (and delcicious!). We also added some greenery. Everything was sugar.

  • Inspiration: I just knew I liked the ribbon bottom for the tier cake.  Due to our budget I was expecting to just get plain looking cupcakes and was fine with it but our baker went above and beyond.

    And the reality that kicked my inspirations butt:

  • My cake pretty much turned out like the pic I gave them.  It was exactly what I wanted.  The colors were slightly different.  It looks pretty much the same as the inspiration, except the inspiration one was smoother because it was made from fondant, and mine was made from cream cheese and buttercream icing.  Also the flower wasn't as nice as on the inspiration pic, but that doesn't really matter.  It whole thing tasted great, too!


    My cake (not a great pic, but the only one I have at the moment):

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  • It turned out HUGE we had tons of left over cake.. and it was super awkward cutting it with ribbon on it... but it looked awesome
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