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Re:Blood Tests

So, I asked this question the other day and got some great feedback, started thinking about our timeline, and then, today, I see this. Makes everything a little easier, and I thought I would share it here. So, after July 1st, it sounds like we won't have to worry about blood tests. One less thing, at any rate. 

Someone let me know if I'm misinterpreting. 


Re: Re:Blood Tests

  • That's my understanding! And, of course, my date is 6-30-12. Lol... Oh well.
  • I can relate! My wedding date is 6-23-2012. where in mississippi are ya'll getting married?
  • tlcnmstlcnms member
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    It is tre and also you will not have a waiting period as I understand for marriage license.  Congratulations Brides to be.  I am an ordained miister and I have had the pleasure to tell a few of my future brides this news. I hope tey don't change it before. you can also keep posted on this by looking at your county website or calling your department where you get your marriage license for conformation on this.
  • Ithats my same date too 6/30/12
  • Yep you heard it right! After July 1st no blood testing. Our wedding is october 13th 2012... So no blood testing
  • Well I took a blood test yesterday along with my fiance so we could apply for a marriage license next week to marry in June. I was given the impression that we could have our blood drawn in Louisiana and have the blood results sent (or bring) to MS to apply for the license. Today I got on the phone with the Natchez MS clerk of court's office and they said the blood results must be printed out on MS forms. How frustrating is that?
  • Everything turned out ok. I went to the health unit in Natchez MS and presented my blood results to the nurse. She signed on MS forms and then my FI and I went to the court house and applied for our marriage license. Our marriage license should be ready in 2 days!
  • I called the Jackson offices (since nobody at my local courthouse ever knows anything) and they said that after July 1st you don't have to have a blood test or waiting period. My wedding is July 7th. We are getting our license July 2nd =)

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