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TGIF accountability

Happy Friday!
b-strawberry yogurt smoothie
s-lf cheese stick
l-leftover minute steak (deer) on a salad
s-natural peanut butter and sugar free jam on light wheat
d-chicken meatballs, spinach salad
e-not sure yet I've been feeling very lazy lately

Re: TGIF accountability

  • Yay Friday!  Today's a good day, as it marks 5 months of being married.  Whoop!

    B: Fibre One cereal w/ protein powder, raisins and skim milk, coffee w/ skim milk
    S: plain FF yogurt w/ protein powder and walnuts (and a touch of cinammon)
    L: TBD, maybe a turkey wrap from Mr.Sub?
    S: 1% cottage cheese w/ unsalted cashews
    D: cheat meal!  woo!  Going out to an Asian Restro Lounge (their words, not mine) for some thai/misc. asian food.

    E: rest day.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • YAY FRIDAY!!!!!!

    B - Shreddies w/ milk & an apple
    S - Cantalope chunks
    L - Something from my fridge
    S - Yoplait Zero Cherry yogurt
    D - Baked chicken breast with brocolli & brown rice:)

    E - Shovelled snow for 30 mins this morning...and anticipating another 15-30 when I get home this afternoon.  No gym today!

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  • Soooo happy it's Friday!

    B: 1 Kashi waffle dry, coffee
    S: post workout protein shake
    L: tukey and Laughing Cow Light on wheat sandwich thin
    S: carrots and hummus
    D: tbd, some type of baked chicken

    E: 30DS L3 plus 30 additional min abs and weights
  • Happy 5 months, raynes!  Yesterday was 5 months for me and my husband!

    b - banana
    s - ff yogurt
    l - tbd: lunch with the boss (groan).  and he picked a bar, no less.  probably a salad.
    s - apple, string cheese
    d - tbd: either leftovers from lunch, or leftover chicken and veggie stir fry.
    s - something sweet.  it's date night!

    e - L1 of 30DS (woke up late, needed something quick)
  • Happy 5 Months Raynes and Kllm!

    Started 30day Shred yesterday...I can't walk down to the subway without waddling. SO SORE!

    B: Half sesame bagel and chive cream cheese
    L: Chicken breast over spinach
    D: brown rice and veggies. 

    Friends tonight are having a party. I will only have 2...maybe 3 beers. (serious voice)
  • B- 1 Hard boiled Egg a cup of Apple juice
    E-  1 hr stairmaster
    L- 6" veggie sub on honey oat hollowed out with red wine vinger only (left over from last night. i'm leaning not to eat the whole sandwich in one sitting :) )
    D- TBA
    E-  1 hr on stairmaster
  • b - soy joy bar 
    l - "pizza" (soy pita, marinara, mozz), couple olives
    s - slice of pepper jack cheese
    d - scallops, asparagus, skim milk
    s - grapes, 3 graham crackers

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