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Ok ladies, let's wake the boards up!  

What part of your wedding are you most looking forward to????

For me it's walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing Brian for the first time.  I think that it's going to be overwhelmingly emotional and exciting.
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Re: Question of the Day

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    Yes, I have to agree!  I am definitely looking forward to Chavis seeing me with my dad walking down the aisle.  We decided against doing a "first look" because we really want to share that moment with our family and friends.

    I'm also really looking forward to our first dance.  We have been taking private dance lessons and no one knows, so I think it will be fun to surprise everyone and show off our new skills! :)
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  • ceeceed80ceeceed80 member
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    so funny... 

    i agree... however we are doing a first look and my dad is still going to walk me up to him... but we really wanted to share that in private moment with my dad. but we chose the first look because i'm a chatty girl and i can't imagine being given away to Heath and not being able to tell him how amazing I think he looks... but, i'm sure that will be the short and condensed version! LOL 

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    I think I'm looking forward to the first look the most and riding to the ceremony with our bridal party in a trolley. I think it will be such a great feeling!
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    Other than seeing my high school sweetheart at the end of that aisle, I live in Chicago so I'm really looking forward to seeing all my awesome friends and family in Florida!
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    hmmm...i am most looking forward to the last moments before i walk down the aisle where I am with my mom and friends and knowing that is the last time I will ever be a "single" lady.  Chris and I will probably start giggling when we see each other because we will be so giddy but those moments before will be precious to me.
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  • kelleyharvestkelleyharvest member
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    I'm really looking forward to the reception. I'm doing pretty much everything myself and I can't wait to see what everyone thinks.
    I'm also looking forward to mine and Casey's first dance. :)
  • cmeyer3946cmeyer3946 member
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    I'm looking forward to walking down the aisle as well.  FI's just finished recording the processional music with his friends and it's been through the sound guys like 4 times already.  It's going to be awesome.
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  • Tati316Tati316 member
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    I'm looking forward to the first time I get to see Mike in my wedding dress... We haven't decided on whether to have a first look or wait till I walk down the aisle, but def seeing his face and knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life w/ my best friend is going to be AWESOME!!!
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