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Souled Out Band

Hi ladies!

Does anyone know what band member I can contact at Souled Out, besides Dave Mouton? I've been trying to get more information to book the band. He doesn't answer any of my emails and it is difficult to get him on the phone....basically their communication is terrible! But the band puts on a great way! I guess not everything can be perfect.

I would appreciate any information.

Re: Souled Out Band

  • Sorry, i don't have a clue. I tried to stay away from vendors with communication issues, because what if you can't get in touch with them a week before the wedding!?
  • I know all of the band members. They are very helpful, and they put on an excellent show. You can add them on Facebook, and send them a message. There must have been some kind of a mix up because they are normally on too of everything. I hope that helps. :
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