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Ah, man...

So, i've been trying to lose weight before this wedding, it's a year so I thought I would have plenty of time. I went to the doctor because my foot has been killing me, I am now the proud owner of a fractured left foot :) I even get to go to a specialist to check it out and probably put me in a cast(hopefully it's green or blue) and hinder my weight loss, i'ts alright though, i just need to stay positive :)

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Re: Ah, man...

  • medusia00medusia00 member
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    Ohhh, I'm sorry!! I hope your not in a lot of pain, I would say that you can still lift weights on the top half....get your arms tone!!! Then when you get out of the cast start walking, or doing your normal stuff!!
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    I'm in pain but i can manage just walking up and down the steps at work kills. You are so right that i can still work my top half good call! It's just kind of hard because I ran about two miles a day and I just miss it.
  • ToBeMrs2011ToBeMrs2011 member
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    I'm so sorry!  That would be really frustrating.  I'm about a year out from the wedding and am really trying to stick with things. 

    On a positive note, your foot wouldn't necessarily take you out of the exercise game entirely....there are a lot of other things you can do to still exercise and promote weight loss.  And just think, all that upper body exercise means killer upper body in that dress! :-)  

    Also, I have been following the Eat Clean Diet, it's less of a diet and more of a lifestyle change....and the author talks about how weight loss is 80% food.  People often have the misconception that exercise is a bigger component than it actually is.  She's lost a significant amount of weight herself and many, many fitness models follow this eating plan.  Check it out at www.eatcleandiet.com  

    Just some stuff to think about!  You might have to get creative but I think that you can still lose weight & feel great on your wedding day!  Smile
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    Thank you so much for that link, I will have to check it out.
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    That stinks! I was in full wedding workout mode and pulled my hammstring and was on crutches for a while. I totally understand how it's frustrating because you want to feel that awesome feeling after a good cardio workout.

    Work on the upper body and the eating healthy and you'll be great. You've already got a positive attitude and that is the most important! Good work!
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