Queen Anne's Catering (Madison area)

I was just wondering if any Madison brides could share any experiences they've had with Queen Anne's catering? I was rather surprised when my fiance, FMIL and I attended the first caterer meeting and they did not offer samples of any of their dishes. I mean, I understand only having a little, but if I am to spend over $1000 on their food, (yes we are having a small reception, to pay *only* just over $1000) I would like to know what I'm getting first, and not just from a menu description! It appears that they offer a Friday evening fish fry and Sunday brunch at the West Side Club, but that is all, and few if any of the dishes preselected for the wedding menu are represented there. So. Any thoughts/experiences/whatever?
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Re: Queen Anne's Catering (Madison area)

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    I didn't do through them because they didn't have want I wanted but they were nice at a bridal show I went to. Two of my friends from high school use to work their and they said the food was good. I would call them and ask to set up a tasting and tell them what items you want to try. 

    I remember that one caterer that I was looking at wouldn't do a tasting for me and didn't go with them. 

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    I've been to a wedding they catered and the food was good. I wouldn't say it was remarkable but there was nothing wrong with it either.
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