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Wedding Blues

Does anyone else feel a little down lately seeing everyone's wedding pictures? It seems everytime I get on facebook lately there is new pictures from a friends wedding, sure isn't helping my patience level.

Re: Wedding Blues

  • I'm kinda 1/2 and 1/2. My cousin just got married on the 2nd and I was anything but blue about it. I was happy, enjoying myself, taking mental notes and looking forward to mine. A couple friend of ours is getting married July 1st. With that wedding....I'm a little blue. I don't know if it's being jealous they are getting married first when my FI and I have been together 3 yrs longer and engaged first ( you know, that stupid jealousy all girls get) or if it's I just want mine to be here already or if it's I won't know anyone at the wedding (so I'll be a little nervous) besides the bride/groom and my FI who is in the wedding (so I will be alone for the ceremony & dinner portion of the reception). I think it may even be a combination of them all. 
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  • I'm not blue; I'm just ready!  I want to be his wife.  I can't wait!!!
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  • I am feeling down! Everyone's opinion, family members chiming in, definately making me forget what I want.

  • I definitely am :( we're eloping but still want a photographer & beautiful location, but it feels like whenever I bring up the wedding or ask his opinion, his eyes glaze over and he gets disinterested. isn't this something we both wanted?
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