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Wedding at The Metropolitan in Glen Cove, NY


I am looking to get married either in the summer of 2010 or early Fall. We visited the Metropolitan in Glen Cove and loved it. Has anyone recently been to a wedding there?
We will likely have between 150-200 people and I wanted to know how that amount of people will fit (I read somewhere that the cocktail hour room may only hold 90 comfortably). Also, any opinions on the food? Also, I read one post about the acoustics being not that great. as anyone recently at a wedding or event there that had a DJ? How were the acoustics?  Thanks so much!


Re: Wedding at The Metropolitan in Glen Cove, NY

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    I got married there the place is the best . I had about 190 guests and I had no problem with space. I used there house dj who was very familiar with the room I still have there website they were fantastic my guests are still talking about the place and the music. My dj name was Jeff here is the website www.arianastudios.com Best of luck.
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    did you do your cocktail hour in the upstairs balcony room? Was it cramped?
    So, you had 19 tables of ten in the downstairs room? Was there still a decent sized dancefloor with all those table? And the acoustics were fine with the DJ?

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    Don’t know any specifics about the Metropolitan but,  since you are looking at places on the North Shore, also check out The Thatched Cottage in Centerport overlooking the Sound.  It receives rave reviews about its food and service.  It is a beautiful place where we planned a wedding for 150 guests but, because of illness, had to cancel at the last minute.  As a result, my husband and I are offering $2,500 in free deposit money to any couple who books with the Cottage.  This deposit money would certainly help you out toward your wedding costs.  Check out their website and make a visit.  If you decide to book with them, contact me directly with any questions at [email protected] about this money offer.  You have nothing to lose and something to gain.  By the way, they arrange for your cocktail hour in adjacent areas located both inside and out – the bar opens to each side, and there’s plenty of room.  With the amount of guests you are planning, you would likely be the only bride they would handle on that date.  Happy hunting and I hope you find the dream place for your wedding!
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