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Rhode Island

Northeast Getaways - Bridal Expos - Telemarketers

I just want to vent on how pissed I am that by simply attending a Bridal Expo all of a sudden I have been exposed to a barage of telemarketers.  I had no idea that the organizers of both the Original Bridal Expo and the Thanksgiving Bridal Expo were just going to give away my info like that!!!  There was already some talk on this board about the Dinner 4 Two scam - now I am dealing with something WAY worse.  I have received 6 calls over the past week from (603) 718-1050 and three voice mails.  The first time they called 1) I was at work and 2) I didn't recognize the number so I let it go to voicemail - the person who left me the vm said I had won 4 free tickets blah blah blah.  Needless to say, I didn't call back.  When they called the next day I again ignored the call - and I ignored them for the next three calls.  When they called again this morning, once during working hours, I decided to pick up to tell them to leave me alone.  The woman on the other end was extremly vague and kept referring to the tickets offered by her company - like I should know who her company was and what she was talking about.  When I pressed her for the name of her company she said she was from Northeast Getaways.  Well...I checked the list of vendors from both the Expo at Twin River and the Thanksgiving Expo and "Northeast Getaways" wasn't on either list!  I told her that I never entered a drawing with her company and she was like well someone did and proceeded to read me my home address - which I was not pleased about.  She finally got around to telling me about how all I had to do was come listen to some presentation to get my ticekts - I told her I wasn't intrested and not to call me back. I then hung up.  30 seconds later SHE CALLS AGAIN!.  Unbelieveable.  Thanks for listenting to my long crazy rant.

Re: Northeast Getaways - Bridal Expos - Telemarketers

  • They did the same thing with me too!  Sent me emails, tried to make me come and buy a timeshare.  I have told them multiple times that I do not want to be contacted, but each time they call, it's someone new and I have to yell at them all over again to lose my number!
  • I have to say that i went to the big bridal expo last year and i didn't recieve that many calls after. However, after going to the original birdal expo at twin river i have received numerous calls and e-mails.

    It's really easy to see that they sell their attendee lists to telemarketing companies.
    Which sucks that they are profitting from this as well. 

    Everyone person I got an email from i specifically noted that I NEVER gave them my email and that they obvisously were sold a list and please remove me.

    This is oging to have to be done one by one.
     But i am chipping away at it.

    167 Invited image 34 Attending image Declined 4 image Still Waiting 129 image
  • I am having the same problem. I have never had so much junk email in my life! It is very frustrating and i think that we should all contact the people who run these expos and tell them how disappointed we are.

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