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Unique Rochester-area Venues

Just starting to plan, and it seems like finding a Venue is the first place to start, and for some reason the hardest.

Anyone know of any good, unique venues in the Rochester area? I'd be open to parks or inns or anything like that. Thanks.


Re: Unique Rochester-area Venues

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    I like the Inn on Broadway a lot.  Also the rochester museum of science does weddings.  You should check out artisan works too.
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    There's also:
    Sonnenburg Gardens (I was thinking of there, but when I visited they were still under construction in some parts and it's hard to be sure what the outcome is)

    Memorial Art Gallery (pricey though.  They did install air conditioning this past summer though if you want to have the reception there).

    Strong Museum (didn't actually visit)

    Casa Larga -- very beautiful, and if you want to have an outdoor ceremony (say, in your back yard) but want to reserve the place for an indoor ceremony in case of rain, they'll let you do that for free.  You only pay if it rains and you end up using them.  (This of course is if you're having the reception there).

    I ended up decided to have mine at the RMSC.  You get the whole museum!

    Also -- what's the size of the wedding?
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    Size and budget?

    There are ton of good places in Rochester.
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    Does anyone know what "hidden costs" there are RMSC?
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    "hidden costs" at the RMSC

    Dance floor rental (can be split with other parties having weddings that weekend as long as they don't have to move it)
    If you have more than 10 tables, there's a nominal cost for extra tables and chairs (less than $20 for each set of table and chairs for 10 ppl)
    Ceremony: Extra $500 to have the ceremony on site

    Not extra cost: Technicians to run music for your ceremony/cocktail hour/reception (if you decide not to go for a DJ), staff to watch over your gifts and run the space shuttle simulator

    They are actually quite reasonable with the costs, and the hospitality manager tries her best to be upfront about any costs and minimizing your costs (like giving advice about things you don't need).

    FYI -- the catering is by Mario's 
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    Check with The Seward House Museum - I think they are doing weddings now. I've not had one there, but I know someone who works there.
    I think it's near Rochester. They also have a FB page.
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