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Where are you at in planning?

Since we're all at different stages of planning, I thought I'd ask where we are! Maybe people will have helpful suggestions!

I mostly need to get my outfit tailored, find a bolero jacket thing (I feel more comfortable not wearing a strapless to church), get my shoes and bag, as well as makeup artist (NO IDEA!) and do my hair trial. We also need to finalize FI's suits. Invitations are going out TOMORROW!

What about all of you?

Re: Where are you at in planning?

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    Planning our 1st Anniversary Vacation!

    Good Luck Ladies!
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    I need to work on Ceremony decor, dress alterations, look for a bolero, tuxes, programs, ceremony music, i feel like honstly the list is endless.. :/
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    I feel so far behind seeing as how we just got engaged about 3 weeks ago and set the date for March 27.

    We still have flowers, the suit, alterations for my dress and sending out the invites.

    I guess it could be worse!
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    The things highest on my list are
    • order my dress
    • meet with bakers for tastings
    • secure a hotel block (or 2)
    • start working on the ceremony
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    We have made so many changes to the wedding and reception I feel like we are back at step one. I have several things done though.  We had STD made as bookmarks and we sent them in our Hanukkah cards.  I have also put together the program we are going to use since the ceremony is a traditional Jewish ceremony and most of the attendees are not Jewish.  The invites we are DIYing.  They are not printed yet, but we have the wording chosen and the paper purchased.  And since we were planning a much bigger affair we have enough paper that we are going to do some announcements to send to those that we wanted to invite to the wedding initially, but were not able to.  (is it proper to state on the announcements no gifts?  We don't want folks to think that we were sending the announcements in an effort to get gifts) We have the dress, and have picked the suit for the men.  I am also DIYing the flowers and have chosen the wholesaler I am going to use for the flowers.  Now, if I could just figure out the reception, all would be well!
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    I'm working on finalizing contracts with my videographer and caterer this week.

    I need to go dress shopping with my bridesmaids. I'm worried about how to make everyone happy and stay within a reasonable budget so it doesn't stress any of my girls out.  Any tips on that would be great!

    I also am working on nailing down what DJ I want - hopefully within the next month or two. 

    I have had so much fun getting some of the smaller details out of the way. Now that it's getting to bigger things, I'm a bit stressed.
  • ndirish07ndirish07 member
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    I'm at the point where I've started having dreams that it is our wedding day, and I'm standing at the Church in my dress but have NOTHING else done!  Whoops!

    Planning wise, we have most of the vendors booked, but it is just a matter of me deciding on details.  I also need to find a makeup artist, hairstylist, work on BM dresses, and invites, and honeymoon, along with figuring out all the decor, etc! 

    Now that the calendar says 2010, I need to get moving Surprised

    Good luck ladies!
  • inkygirlinkygirl member
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    In Response to Re: Where are you at in planning?:
    [QUOTE] I need to go dress shopping with my bridesmaids. I'm worried about how to make everyone happy and stay within a reasonable budget so it doesn't stress any of my girls out.  Any tips on that would be great!
    Posted by knpindy[/QUOTE]

    I was engaged before (why I'm on this board) and had everyone wearing the same color dress from David's Bridal, but they got to pick the style.  I did request that they all wear long dresses, but the rest was up to them.  They liked it, but it was still not the best.  Since only 2 of them still have the dress and neither one of those girls like it/it doesn't fit, next time around I am going to have them wear any dress in any shade of blue or green.  Our colors will be aqua and green and I'm looking forward to a much more laidback wedding with more fun and personality than before.  It's outside, and there's a bit of a walk to the ceremony site, so I'm suggesting a tea length dress, but it's totally up to them.  They're all super excited about that and then it guarantees that they find a dress they like, in a cut and fabric they like for a price they like.  And they can do print or solid fabric, I really don't care.  It seems like this is becoming more popular lately and the pics I've seen from weddings like this are really great.  I can't wait to do it!
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    My girls need to order their dresses.  but we have them picked out.  We need to go tux shopping.  I need to make appointments for alterations for my dress.  Then start working on our invites.  Get both parents to give us a freaking list.
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    I just got engaged!!! and i dont know where to start! =/ Anyone with help we are getting married in september! another thing orange,red,brown good colors? its in the fall...i just need some help..i'm a little stressed..lol..cause i know its gonna be here quicker than I know. I've even been having dreams where i wake up and its the day and i dont have anything. anyone had dreams like that before or am i nuts lol? aah!

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    Way ahead of schedule according to everyone... May '11 date, booked venue & dj, savethedates & invites are done, photog down to 3 choices, most of my decorations are planned for the ceremony & reception. Need to: book baker, officiant, finalize bridesmaid dresses & a dozen other tiny things. OH and buy a dress Tongue out
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    Invitations are going in the mail next week. I had my 1st dress fitting yesterday, bought my accesories, all deposits are paid and contracts are signed, finalizing the reception menu with the venue on Tuesday, working on our reception timeline with the DJ, we start are classes with the Minister next week and I have my hair and make-up trial in a few weeks.
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    Oh my I have been procrastinating for the last few months!  So far I have the venue dj and phot booked.  The STD's are finished and I'm going to work on getting them mailed out this weekend.  We also have our 1st marriage prep meeting this weekend. I need to find my dress!  I also want to work on helping the girls pick their dresses.  I hope to have a hotel block and baker picked out within the next couple weeks.  MAN I BETTER GET BUSY!

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    Well, I just celebrated my 2nd anniversary (my knottie username was jssquared). However, my MOH has now gotten herself a man that she'll be marrying the spring of 2011. She actually wants to elope since she hates planning anything like this. But, family would be disappointed if they eloped, so she has designated me as official wedding planner, which I am excited about. We are just starting planning. Yeah! :-)
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