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Does anyone nearby have centerpiece mirrors? ive posted it on the classified board without much luck. I figured if i posted it here I can pick them up instead of having them shipped. Im in Norwalk. I'm looking for about a 12 inch square or octoganal. although, others will be considered. Anyone have any to sell? let me know. I need them for my daughter's June 25 th wedding.

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    try I've had some success with finding candles and vases etc through there.  Try typing in wedding for a search... you'll get a lot of results but I'm pretty sure I've seen centerpieces etc in there.  And you can search in Hartford, New Haven and Eastern CT so try all three.
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    If you can't find them on craigslist, try looking into buying mirror tiles rather than actual mirrors as centerpieces.  I'm using 12x12" squares for our wedding too and I looked everywhere for them but they were so expensive.  Not sure how much you're looking to spend but I just searched for these on home depot and I thought this is pretty reasonable.  It's $10 for 6 and it says that there's a rebate available  

    The only difference with somehting like this is that they don't have the beveled edge, but truthfully, the no non-beveled edge is not at all noticable once you put it onto your linens because they're so thin.  At least with the ones that I have that's the case.

    Good luck!
  • CVALANN123CVALANN123 member
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    Thanks everyone. Craiglist was a good idea, dut I had no luck. Home depot is another good idea. I only need 12 so their price is dooable. Thanks.
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    I never would have thought to look at Home Depot. That's a really good price too. I'll have to remember that
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