anyone know of anyone local that does this for a reasonable price? I'm thinking about having our invitations addressed this way as well as our escort cards but don't know of anyone who offers this service. Thanks!

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    When I was in high school, Brides would ask my art teacher and along her side the students she deemed worthy did it. They were beautiful and free!

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    You can also find great calligraphers on etsy!
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    We used a girl in Pittsburgh, where I am from, when we got married.  We mailed our invites and place cards to her since we weren't living there at the time and now w/ the flat rate boxes shipping is cheap.  She was reasonable and really easy to work with.  I know a bunch of people that have used her too.  Her email if you are interested is lmmcalligraphy at comcast dot net.  Good luck finding someone.
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    Hi!  I do simple, affordable calligraphy.  It's nothing too fancy and I would like to start doing calligraphy on the side. I took classes in school awhile ago, but had 10 weddings last year and have done calligraphy for 6 weddings so far.  I have done inside envelopes, outside envelopes, and name cards.  Let me know if you are interested.  My email is [email protected].  I would be glad to answer any questions or show you some of my work. 
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    Not sure where you are in central PA.  I am in State College area and there is a place called Nittany Quiall in downtown State College who does it.  I am having her do my place cards.
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