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Lets talk Valentines Day

 What is everyone doing? Any plans to surprise your FI?

Last year V-Day was a big deal for FI and I. We had a nice sushi dinner and went to see the American Idiot musical. This year FI wants to stay home and work on his car. Its a bit disappointing for me because FI is the only guy I have been with that doesn't completely despise the 'holiday'. I was hoping that he would want to go out to eat somewhere nice-ish, but he is dead set on not doing anything this year. I made FI a Valentine card and a framed scrapbook page of his motor swapped Ranger to hang up. 
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Re: Lets talk Valentines Day

  • I just moved overseas for sevens months, so I'm not doing anything for Valentine's Day :(  However, my FI took me to a Butterfly Conservatory before I left, on the date that was exactly a year before our wedding, just to celebrate an early Valentine's Day.  It was so sweet! 

  • FI and I are going to a German restaurant Wednesday because Thursday night I have class.
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