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A limo company without....

A 3 hour minimum. 

Does anyone know of one?  I just need a limo to go from Exit 4 on 93 to Exit 3.  From there pick me up at Exit 2 to go back to Exit 3.

There is no way this could ever take 3 hours.

Re: A limo company without....

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    We are using Black Tie Limo. We do not need 3 hours either. They allowed us to do a "split package". It will be picking me up at the hotel and bringing me to the ceremony/reception which is in one location.  Then they will be picking us up at my house in NH on the day that we are leaving for our honeymoon and bring us to Logan.  I thought their price was reasonable too.

    Hope this helps.
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    Most of the companies that we talked to have a 3 hour minimum.
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    I worked with Black tie and although we did use them for 3 hours, we also used them for some point A-B to C pick up type things and they were great about it. I suggest trying to talk to them!
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    That's the problem I am having, too. I just need the limo to pick up the bridal party, drive 15 min to the ceremony, then drive us to the reception, which is 5 min from the ceremony. I'm in the southwestern part of the state if any one has any ideas!
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