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I am new to the board has anyone heard of Infinity Entertainment for a dj?

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  • No, but we used Mark Sanchez with PME and had a great experience! Good luck!
  • I've never used them, but I was a guest at a wedding that did. The DJ's name was Nathan and he was awesome. Really entertaining.
  • I hired them for my wedding after meeting with them at a bridal show. Never seen them at a wedding before. So far, they've been good to work with. We're going to have DJ James at our wedding.
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  • I've attended 2 weddings that they deejayed at and they were FABULOUS. They did a great job and kept the crowd involved/entertained without being too crazy. The bride and groom thought they did a great job as well and I plan on booking them for my wedding as well.
  • I just used them for my wedding. Nathan is awesome, but he is $300 more than just one of their other DJ's since he is the owner. We saw him at a friends wedding and really, really enjoyed it. We weren't willing to pay the extra $300 and went with one of their other DJs, Craig. He was just as great! He listened to everything we requested and moved everything along perfectly! I would highly recommend Infinity Entertainment!
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