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AW Wednesday!

Hi all!  Totally forgot it was Wednesday or I would've done this earlier!  Anything to AW this week?

WR: I got some awesome glass platters/bowls this weekend from my future family in law.  I'm doing a sweets table/candy buffet type thing so I need lots of glass containers.  Exciting! 

NWR: I got confirmation of my summer job and it's a HUGE relief.  Now to find a cute, affordable one-piece bathing suit....
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Re: AW Wednesday!

  • congrats on the summer job!

    WR: our E-pics are up on the blog at http://www.randivossphotography.com we are the ones who did a scavenger hunt! registries are time-consuming and stressful, i have found out, but hopefully we will have ours finished soon.  we are looking for suits tonight for the guys. since we want charcoal gray, we cant go with mens wearhouse because they only have a light gray.  we want to use mens wearhouse since its a chain and we have people in all different locations (rochester, buffalo, and LA).

    NWR: i dont do much else besides wedding and work! as for work...getting ready for a mini conference in boston in july, need to get lots of experiments done before then!
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  • jam, if you happen to find charcoal grey suits, please pass on a location!  we have a long time before we need to order, but FI wants them.
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  • blondieb0912blondieb0912 member
    edited May 2012
    WR: I made my first dress fitting appt. for June 25th, which I am so excited about! The invitations for my bridal shower also went out, and I've been obsessively checking my BB&B account to see how much has been bought! I refuse to look at the specific purchased items, though, because I am a terrible liar and won't be able to feign surprise when I open the presents!

    NWR: I graduated with my Master's two weeks ago, so it has been so nice to just go to work and not have a million things on my mind that have to get done! My fiance and I also celebrated our seven year anniversary over the weekend with some awesome thai food :)
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  • kush_01kush_01 member
    Fifth Anniversary 10 Comments
    erbear and jam-

    we purchased charcoal grey suits at jos a banks during a buy one suit get 2 suits, 2 shirts and 2 ties free- deal. that ironically took care of my FI and his two groomsmen . We started out at mens wherehouse, too, but timing the BOGO sales and the quality was hard. our guys got a really great suit, plus all the extras for the wedding. if you split them multiple ways, it works out really nicely. they can get measured at a store near them and then one person can place a big order if needed.
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  • erbear - congrats on the summer job & good luck finding a bathing suit, I am dreading shopping for one haha

    jam- love the e pics!! what an awesome idea :)

    blondie- congrats on graduating!!!! SO exciting. what is your degree in?

    WR - I mentioned last week that I was going to pick up my dress, we had to run in quickly but I think with a 3" heel I won't have to have it hemmed! yay. We also had the meet & greet w/our families. 9 of us at Max & Erma's yikes, it went fantastic though! My FI and his family haven't seen the venue yet so we visited and dropped off the check & contract. We changed the date but it is now official: August 24, 2013 at Succop Conservancy in Butler! WOOT!

    Non WR - I finished my last Masters class before I transfer. Now I have to study for the GREs and try to get into either East Stroudsburg University or Rutgers University.  Both programs seem great, Rutgers is a more recognizable name, but it's about 75 miles away. Ugh. And I applied for a few more jobs and am slowly chipping away at throwing out/organizing all of the JUNK I've accumulated in this apartment over the past 4 years!
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  • kush - thanks! we actually stopped in there tonight and saw a few and they might be the best option for us.

    erbear - see above, plus, mens wearhouse does have charcoal gray suits, i meant to say before that they dont have that color tux, only light. however, they told me that they are set to get a charcoal gray vera wang tux in september. i think they had it on the model in the store we went to today, it is not very dark but definitely worth a look if youre thinking tux. for us we think it might be too close to our date to gamble on them being released on time (they already delayed them once) but april should be fine if you want to look into that! also macy's has charcoal gray as well.
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  • Future Kehrs: My master's is in Museum Studies--not a lot of them in the country; my Fiance and I moved to SF for it so I know the pain of moving away for school. The GREs are the worst!  Good luck studying. I used to carry around a pack of notecards with words I didn't know on them and pull them out when I had some down time.
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