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NWR: Camille

Do any of you ladies watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?   I have to admit, reality TV is my guilty pleasure.  The worse it is, the more I love it.   haha. 

anyhoo, I'm watching this, and I hate to admit it, but after watching this show, every time I hear about Camille Grammar it makes me smile.    I hate for people to be hurt and I really just want everyone to be happy & healthy, but I cant help it.    She is such a narcissistic b*itch.  I hear that Kelsey Grammar is already getting remarried and knocked up his mistress, oh man...I can just picture Camille falling off her high horse, with her big fake boobs & lips weighing her down.   And I wish I could laugh in her face.   

Im terrible.  I  know.    :(

Re: NWR: Camille

  • I was just watching that TOO! I don't like Beverly Hills as much as I like some of the others.
  • I used to watch Orange County back when it first started.  But I haven't watched any of the others.  Camille is getting 50 mil according to a site I saw.  Not a bad pay out ;)  The new wifey to be apparently isn't getting a pre-nup.  (I read entirely too many gossip sites Smile)
  • I hate to admit it but I am slightly addicted to watching that show! Every time I watch it though it makes me hate most of them more and more. Camille is a complete WACKO. That dinner party episode when she had that crazy medium lady there and she was smoking a fake cigarette...all of that was so weird!! Most of those women don't even know what REAL problems are...their biggest problem is making sure that 3 out of 4 nannies are there to raise their children!!

    I always thought Kelsey Grammer was a douche but watching that show makes me wonder how he lasted that long with her!!
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  • Ugh I hate Camille! She is horrible. I definitely think karma is paying her a visit!
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