Cincinnati Bride But Tennesee Wedding

I need help figuring out some details of everything. For a small, intimate wedding, is it okay to have guest drive out all the way to TN? They live in OH too but I'm not sure if many people will like the idea of renting a cabing for themselves to go to our wedding with gas prices so high I would think that driving down for the day would be out of the question. Any suggestions?

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    If your heart is set on having a destination wedding, then you just have to know ahead of time that alot of people will decline. But if what you are looking for is just a handful of people anyway, I would talk it over with them and get their thoughts on the scenario. This way you know going into planning what to expect.

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    i think you should do whatever makes you and your fiance happy.

    we're having a destination wedding in florida. we have huge families and most of them are local. we both want an intimate wedding and it would feel weird having a small wedding here in town. of course, some people won't be able to make the trip to florida and that's something you have to accept when you choose to have a destination wedding. you also have to accept that you're probably going to make a lot of important decisions about various aspects of your wedding (food, flowers, venue, etc.) without being there in person.

    my advice:  make a list of your most important guests (the people that HAVE to be there). if you know those people won't mind the travel, go for it!
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    I totally agree with everything the other ladies have said!  If you want to have a destination wedding, then go for it!  The people who really want to be there will find a way.  Plus, you can totally find vendors - espcially a photographer - who will travel to TN for your wedding.  You could look for vendors in a closer city who are willing to travel.  Check out Louisville - they are already half way there! 

    If a small, intitamate wedding is what you are looking for, a destination wedding is the perfect choice.  It immediately eliminates the people you would otherwise feel obligated to invite.  Good Luck!
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    Ditto PP...if you want to have a destination wedding, then you'll have to accept the fact that guests might not make the trip.

    If I were you, I would definitely send out save the dates to give your guests a nice heads up about your plans and then they can start figure out travel plans. Hopefully those that are nearest and dearest to you won't mind the trip (and honestly TN isn't that far of a drive), and you will have an amazing, memorable wedding.

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    Thank you everyone for your advice, it has helped us out alot!

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