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Grieved about photos - a warning

and finally trying to do something about it.
Sorry that this is long but I just want to vent a little.
  I had a great photographer but after planning and a postponement there were some other things I wanted that were rather costly.
So I checked my contract and found I could cancel and possibly get a partial refund.
I spoke to my photog and was up front with them about why I wanted to cancel.
They were much more understanding than I expected and said if he could re-book he would refund my money. Well they did re-book and I got a refund.
Then I hired someone who had done a few weddings and looked like they could do a good job.
On the wedding day we stood around waiting for them to decide what to do next or ask me what I wanted. I thought they would know what to do.
The pictures? Well most are to dark or light, or the color is off, or it's blurred or just plain bad.
I have cried about this so many times and it's taken me a year to try and do something.
I have looked for people that can fix them and many say they can't or are very expensive.
My original photographer advertises on their site that they fix bad wedding photos but I couldn't bring myself to face him. So my mother in-law took the disk of photos in to him to see what he could do. He did not say to her that he knew me in the photos. We really only met twice but had spoken over the phone many times.
His prices are more reasonable but still twice what I paid the second photographer. He did fix a photo and gave my MIL a low res copy. It's beautiful. But, he will not do the work until he can speak directly with the bride and groom. He says he must have their approval of the changes because working working through a 3rd party causes problems.
It's so embarrassing.
If I can't find a better alternative I'll probably do it but I just want people to know that you should do all you can to have an experienced photographer on your wedding day.
There is so much more to it than taking pictures and you don't get a do-over.
Thank for letting me vent/cry a little.
If someone has a better idea I am all ears.
I'm in Lansing area and looking in GR and Detroit areas.

Re: Grieved about photos - a warning

  • That is so sad. I am sorry to hear about your situation.
    I know that my photographer is very experienced and even though he didn't use any real "software fixes" with my engagement photos (he didn't have to) he is an expert at photoshop.
    I have seen some of his photos that he has put people into that were not there etc and the work is amazing.
    Here is a link to the website. He is in Mason which is near Lansing.

    In Response to Grieved about photos - a warning:
  • You should tell us who your photographer was so that none of us make the same mistake...

    And have you thought about suing the 2nd photographer, you could ask for what you were charged PLUS what you're being charged by the 1st photographer to fix his mistakes.  You deserve to get good pictures! 

    And I think it's ridiculous that you're embarrassed, don't you want good pictures?!  He might not even remember you and so what if he does, you don't have to explain yourself to him.

    Grow up and handle this problem.
  • I did what so many others did and found the 2nd photographer through Craigslist.
    Big mistake.
    There are so many people on Craigslist that in hindsight, I can see they don't know what they are doing even though they have some nice photos to show on their sites.I have re-couped some of my money. There was a contract and suing for the fixes might be a possibility but the amount has to be reasonable otherwise in court it will look like I am trying to price-gouge.
    As for my original photographer he has been great. After all he refunded my money when I wanted to cancel to get someone cheaper. I'm sure he would be nice about it but crawling back with my tail between my legs is not something I look forward to. He probably would remember me but that doesn't really matter.
    I can't speak for most people but the bottom line is I replaced him with a cheaper vendor. Now I need his service and yes that is embarrassing because he doesn't owe me anything.
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