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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

How far is too far?

Hello, a quick poll for anyone on here! As far as commute time, how far is too far between a ceremony venue and a reception venue? As it stands, my ceremony location is one hour from my reception venue. Is this ridiculously far? I was considering renting a bus to shuttle all the guests between locations to save them the trouble (and gas money!). Do you think this would make up for it?

Re: How far is too far?

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    That's pretty far. I would say it would have to be for a really good reason-- like, the church  where you grew up and the restaurant where you got engaged, or something like that. I would see if you could find something closer, but at the same time, I know sometimes people have really good reasons for it. Providing a shuttle would be nice and make it better, but remember people will have to get back too. Maybe if the hotel was halfway in between, you could pick up in the hotel, half hour to ceremony, straight to reception, then half hour to hotel at the end? Definitey a shuttle I think.
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    There honestly is no great reason for it except for cost- the reception venue is perfect and inexpensive, but the only place we like for a ceremony that is also inexpensive happens to be one hour away. Our budget is so small but we don't want our guests to suffer for it. A hotel half way is a great idea though. 
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    If you do a shuttle and make it like a mini "party bus" and make sure you feed people as soon as they get to the reception - i think it will be fine.  As far as the hotel - you just want to think about when it will be most important for your guests to have  the shortest shuttle trip - perhaps at the end of the night - hotel closer to the reception hall?  good luck!!    
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    One other thing to consider is the possibility of traffic.  Is it a solid hour, or can it be longer or shorter depending on speed and traffic?  I'd definitely agree that a long drive at the end of the evening would be less desirable than one at the start of the day, adult beverages notwithstanding.  

    I used to commute an hour from Bourne to Providence for work every day and it wasn't a bad drive since it was all highway -- and up 195 was really a breeze.  But if I was going up Route 3 or 495 it could have been much different.  

    And if you are going to do a shuttle, don't forget to factor in the cost of the transportation rental (and any extra gas surcharges, if any) against the cost savings you'll get from the less expensive venues. 

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    If it is just for cost, I would probably keep looking to see if you can find a ceremony location closer-- finding a reasonable reception venue on the Cape is not easy so it seems like the wiggle room might be ceremony. Kikibird is right in factoring in the transportation costs vs the savings. What kind of ceremony are you doing? My Catholic church is actually only a few hundred dollars, but obviously that's only if you are Catholic.
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