Any decor ideas for a cobalt blue wedding with bright pink and orange flowers and accents (on a budg

Hello Ladies,
All of seem to have awesome ideas for your weddings so I was hoping some of your creativity could rub off on me! So far I know that I am having our wedding at a small ski resort by a lake on April 7th 2012. If the weather is nice we may be able to have the ceremony outside by the lake, if not it will be inside in front of the fireplace. I am looking for idea on how to decorate the indoor reception room and possibly the ceremony site. We will have white table cloths and blue napkins provided for free and I am hoping to collect enough cobalt blue and clear antique medicine bottles to serve as part of the centerpieces with a few bright pink and orange flowers in them...but that is as far as I have gotten for decoration ideas...and I don't plan on having much of a theme (besides a low key Maine feel)...
Any ideas? Any links to cheap items for sale in my color scheme? Any inspiring photos? Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Re: Any decor ideas for a cobalt blue wedding with bright pink and orange flowers and accents (on a budg

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    Well when I read this I was like wait did I have 1 too many drinks and post something last night? hah.. I'm glad that wasn't the case!  I'm having basically the exact same colors.  The Christmas Tree Shop has had some wonderful textured glass jars in all different colors (blue, pink, orange, yellow, etc.) for $1.  I'd definitely check there. 

    I'm having tulips, peonies, roses and daisies, all of which will be hot pink, orange or white.  I don't really have much decorating going on.  We're having 16 foot tables w/ white table clothes & navy table runners.  Then we're having single flower vases & votives the length of the tables.  Here are some pictures that inspired me: 

     If you are on a lake there will probably be lots of scenary anyways?  You probably won't need much decoarting.  Especially with bright flowers!  I'm getting married on an island so there will be lots of beautiful flowers!  Good luck!
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    I'm not sure exactly what you mean by 'budget" but I was thinking that you could do pomander (is that what they're called?) balls with artificial flowers (which would be cheaper, I would think) in bright pink and orange and then bring in the cobalt blue by using blue ribbon to tie them to the aisle chairs. Or you could get some shepherd hooks to hang them, which I saw at Family Dollar for really cheap.
    You could do some other version of aisle decorations that might be cheaper by using artificial flowers and cobalt blue ribbons too. Just some fake poppies (which come in several colors and look great in bunches of threes) tied off with ribbon would look nice and simple. You could also make some big bows with ribbons in the colors of your choice and just tie them to different places with a single flower, or even no flower at all.
    Well, that's about all I can think of right now... hope that helps.
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    Thanks for the ideas!
    - jpickering8 - That is too funny! I have the exact same pictures saved to my desktop! I will try and post some that might inspire the both of us!

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    These are the exact colors that I am planning on doing for my wedding. I am thinking of doing the table centerpieces with a simple vase and then a couple pink and orange colored daisy in them. So nothing fancy, but adds that pop of color. I love the colos of those bouquets are were thinking of doing something like that too. I think the bright colors will "pop" with the blue dresses. Very nice!
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