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HELP! Need invites sent directly to recipients!

Does anyone know of any sites that will do invites and have them sent directly the recipient, like Tinyprints? Unfortunately their wedding invites don't work that way...

We're doing a quickie in Vegas in July, but since we're overseas, having invites sent to *me* to send out will really just screw us on timeframe, since it's so close. :/ 


Re: HELP! Need invites sent directly to recipients!

  • I did baby shower invites through Hallmark's website. It was kind of a pain to input all the addresses, but they were delivered very fast and I had absolutely no issues.
  • jmp2004jmp2004 member
    You could always try to print them yourself and get them out.  Various craft stores have kits that allow you to print your own, although it might still be tight it you are mailing them from overseas.
  • Most invitation companies that do custom invite will provide this service.
  • My invite girl did that for me with the STDs.  She designed, stuffed envelopes and just charged me the cost of the postage because I was a *little* behind on that lol.
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