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Re: Confessions/Vents

  • edited February 2012
    vent: i am sick again! this is the 2nd time in a month, before this i havent been sick in over 2 years!
  • I confess I have no vents for once! But, give me an hour and I'm sure I'll come up with something :-)
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  • I'm just in a blaaaahhhh mood. Can it be warm and sunny with green grass soon?
  • edited February 2012
    I watched three cars slide through an intersection, and two cars go into a ditch on my way to work today. ...and I only live a mile from work. It frustrates me that the roads are horrible and the university still wouldn't shut down. I guess four inches of snow and a half inch of ice on top of that isn't cause enough to close the school down. 
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  • This weather stinks. Cold, windy, and rain. ugh. I just wanted to stay in bed.
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  • These last couple days of work have been awful.  I work at a small company where a husband/wife team are the co-owners, we are short staffed and one girl is going on maternity leave for an undetermined amount of time.  They just starting interviewing people, I feel like waiting to the last minute is a company policy.  The best way to describe my job is that I'm one of the wife's right hand, I am the 4th person to fill this role in the last 2 years.  Trust me I know why they have left the company...you are served a daily dose of dumb.  I have had to spend my last few days cleaning up her mistakes and it has really stressed me out.  I almost called in sick today just to have a mental day off but I can not afford to get behind.  Believe me I am very thankful to have a job but the stories I could tell you about this place are unbelievable but 100% true.
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  • confession: FI and I have chosen our top 3 photographers on paper, so we are trying to set up meetings with all of them. I found out last night that the one I wanted to meet with the most is booked for my date. Im a lot more sad about it then I thought I would be. I just cant believe that they are booked almost a year and 4 months in advance, but it goes to show you that it is never too early to start to book vendors.
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  • With my job becoming part time I am now going to be an author on less work coming out of the lab and becoming more of an administrator/maid.  We had a meeting today and I told everyone I work with to pick up after themselves more and don't expect me to do dishes or refill/make new solutions for them because they "can't".  I will only play an administrative role as well as do a few projects from here on out.  I somehow don't think it got across but we'll see.
  • Everything and anything is upsetting me today. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and I can't seem to shake my cranky mood. FI is avoiding me because he said this weather made me into the devil. (exact words...didn't help my mood any.)

    I need to just take a bubble bath and de-stress before I snap at someone. 
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  • Confession: I laughed a bit reading about the cold weather. It's almost 70 right now in Cincinnati muahaha.

    No vent yet.
    June 16, 2012
  • MMRoberts11MMRoberts11
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    edited February 2012
    Of the 6 plus studies that have occured in the lab since I joined I'm apparently only going to now be an author on 3 of the papers since I didn't contribute enough "significant" work to the other projects.  BS!  I did at least something significant on all the studies.
  • FI had a crap day at work on Tuesday. Yesterday he came home and was non-communicative (which is not like him).  Gave him time to be quiet and be ready to talk.

    This morning he said he's afraid he'll lose his job because of a mistake he made.  He's been with this job for almost 10 years so I hope it doesn't come to that but it just stinks to see him feeling this way and nothing I can do about it.
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