Photographer reviews - help!

Hi Everyone! Its so nice to finally write on these boards as a bride-to-be. We are currently looking for photographers and I was wondering if anyone had used the following photographers and would be able to give me some reviews:

Joe from Photique Photography
Seth from SK Portraits
Peach&Bee photography
Amber from HoneySuckle

We are on a tight budget and can't really afford to go over $2,000 for our coverage, engagement shoot, CD and album and these are the only ones I am finding in our range. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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Re: Photographer reviews - help!

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    Welcome and congrats!! The CT girls are so great and have lots of recs.

    Check out Shannon from Mia Paige Photography ( We have the same budget as you and she fit perfectly. I'm not sure where you are located, but she is in Norwalk but is willing to travel (not sure if there are travel fees though). She is so sweet, her work is beautiful and she is super affordable! Definitely check her out!

    ps. she has more updated work on her facebook page:
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    I know he is not on your list, but Eric Brushett offers a $1,900 package that will cover what you are looking for! He also gives you the images after the wedding at no additional cost!! I cannot rave about him enough! check out his website:

    Be careful when looking at photographers in that price range. A lot of them do not include a wedding album or the rights to you images in the packages. Then after the wedding you realize there are other costs that you did not anticipate.

    Feel free to send me a private message if you want more info!!
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    I agree with PP. Make sure you know what they are offering for the price. With Mia Paige, we're getting full day coverage, rights to images, all photos on a CD, an album and an engagement session.
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    I met Amber at a bridal expo and I really liked her!!!

    Check out Ashley Stelzer- AE Stelzer Photography. I am getting engagement session, album, full day coverage and a disc for under your budget. She rocks :)
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    i just saw a good review for Joe from Photique Photography a few posts down, I think

    you could also check out can work with your budget, except an album isn't included. But rights are! And you can always order an album seperately later (and it'll prob. be way cheaper if you don't order through a photographer!)
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    I'm using Joe from Photique! We are getting the rights to our pictures and he'll be with us all day. He is very willing to work with you so he's definietly worth talking to. We were at a wedding that his company did and I was thrilled with the professionalism and the pictures afterword.
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    You can also Check out michelle Ferro. I'm not sure if she is in your budget but I know her prices are pretty reasonable so it's worth looking into. You can go to for prices or contact info
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    Also, a lot more photographers can fit that range if you were to remove the wedding album from the package.  If it's something you really want, then there's that.  For us, I'm going to make our own hardcover book on which comes out professional photo-book quality at around $190.  I don't really like albums, but I want something to remember our wedding and have as a keepsake, and that fits the bill for us.  When we asked our photographers to remove the album from the package, it usually saved us at least $1000, which put several of our potential photographers within the $2000 range.

    Just an idea if you find a photographer you really love!'s books are really good - they're not an album, but I actually like them better.



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    We used Catherine Fiehn, I haven't gotten around to doing my reviews yet but she was an a+++++  She has set packages but worked with us to get what we needed to fit our budget. You are better off just getting the disk then compromising quality and finding someone to include an album IMO
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    I don't know any of them but have you consider bella pictures.  They are under $2000
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