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definitely decided to get my guests to rsvp online

i got a call from my fiance who asked me if i wanted to go to Las Vegas in Jan. seeing as we're getting married in sept, i really didn't think it was in out budget but since i'm a sucker for travelling, i said yes....with slight hesitation. when i asked him why, he told me his cousin texted him today and told him she was getting married in vegas!. About 2 months away and no invites whatsoever, just a call or text to the important people in her lives..that was the invite.

funny thing is, when i heard this, i didn not get offended or upset that i did not get an actual invite in the mail. that got me thinking about my own invite battles (to give everyone a heads up, my battle is between mailing invites with a card to direct my guests to my wedding website where they can rsvp and get wedding info such as maps, accommodation, local attraction info etc.. OR mail invites with all the inserts, rsvp envelops, the whole kit and caboodle)

i decided to go with the online rsvp invitation. people HAVE to know how to use a computer or know someone who knows how to use a computer in these times that we're living in. i'm not asking people to enter or generate html codes, just to enter a website link.

i also realized that by choosing the online rsvp cards, i end up saving over $200 in paper!!

i know i'm taking a risk but people will have to get over it eventually.

if someone is going to get offended that i did not send them a $5 invite that they will trash before or after my wedding then they don't have enough to do in this demanding complex world.

just felt like i had to share this Wink

Re: definitely decided to get my guests to rsvp online

  • Hey Hippannie

    I did print invites but only because I got them on clearance for a whopping $20...for all of them and printed them at MIL house for free AND she even had a roll of stamps for us so again no cost. we only had  4 people who we HAD to send response cards to because they are old and have no access to computers but the rest we had RSVP online.
    It worked out totally fine- just make sure you put your RSVP date clearly
    we did have to chase people down for responses but I think that would have happened regardless.

    I think you are right, invites are expensive and the only person that is going to remember what they look like-is you.

    It was an expense I just couldnt justify.

    You have my full support :)
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  • We are doing online RSVP as well. I set up a gmail account that people will be instructed to reply to. It saves a bunch of money and I can keep track of emails way easier than paper.
  • Hipannie - my guests loved the whole RSVP online - that way they didn't have to worry about remembering to send it and they liked the fact that they got to read our story and how we met, etc. 

    When you do print them out, I suggest giving an alternative method of giving the RSVP, such as a telephone number for older guests who may not know how to use a computer, e.g. grandparents or aunts and uncles who don't really use it. 

    Otherwise, use your website to the fullest.  In my invites, I did include directions again for some people who may not have access to a computer or the internet.  Hope this helps!
  • I printed invites but used RSVP'ing online via TK as an option as well as included a phone number for guests who are not tech savvy.
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