Hi all!

I have a renting dilemma about when and what to get for our late Oct., 100 attendee, indoor/outdoor wedding.

I’m getting married in Wethersfield, CT in October. The venue said they’d give my info to other brides getting married that weekend so that we could possibly split the cost of the tent/chair/table rentals. However, I haven’t received any details about this to date and our wedding is in 4 months.

We’re planning on renting:

Necessary rentals:

- A 20x20 tent to put outdoors on the patio

- 3 cocktail tables to go under the tent so guests can mingle

- 85 white folding chairs for the ceremony to go on the lawn (is this enough for approx 85-100 guests?)

Possible rentals:

-         a lighting fixture/chandelier for the tent outside

-         an outdoor patio heater because it may be cold outside (but the reception is indoors)

-         Cocktail table linens

Should I wait on renting these necessary items or sign a contract for renting these items now?

-also, is it ok to rent from a few different vendors (some don't carry all the items i want)



Re: rentals

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    Before you rent anything I would check again with your venue to see if there are other weddings that weekend.  They may have forgotten that they said they would let you know so I'd just double check.
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