Who can officiate in Maryland?

hi all-

i'm getting married next oct at oxon hill manor. i'm unclear on who is allowed to marry us in the state of maryland. i am not regligious and have a couple of friends who are ordained but i am getting mixed search results on google. does anyone have a solid answer to this? i'd rather not pay the high costs of an officiant, like a clerk, judge, etc. thanks!!!


Re: Who can officiate in Maryland?

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    Ditto LTB, just call the county clerk's office or whatever.  I googled 'marriage license in anne arundel county' to make sure I got the right number.  In AA county, the ULC online ordainment is valid, I know that much.
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    Ditto the other girls.  Definitely call the county clerks office.  I know in Frederick pretty much anyone can marry you as long as they have a church affiliation.  And they didn't ask for any proof of it.  My step-dad who is a minister in IN married us with no problems.

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    Maryland is very liberal on who can officiate a wedding.  As long as you are ordained, even on line, you can officiate.  Clerks of the Courts and deputies also can but most of them will only do it at the Court House.  The fees typically range from $300 to $700.  Make sure you find out what a fee includes and any additional charges.
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