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In what order are you planning?

Currently we've got our venue and are working on our catering.  Dress shopping is planned for the start of June, but I was just curious if anyone was already planning style/decor/colors/etc for their venue?

When it comes to the smaller decisions, I'm having a harder time deciding what I like.  Has anyone already made these decisions? If so, how did you choose your colors from all the great color combinations out there and how did you pick just one style for your wedding?
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Re: In what order are you planning?

  • OK I started with venue/caterer and church.  Then photography, chose my colors somewhere along the line. Dress.  I have DJ and Florist in mind though because they are sort of family friends, but I have not booked yet.  Also waiting on deciding my baker as well.  

    So for the smaller decisions, I guess I based our "theme" off of our venue and peronalities.  We are both a little country, so our venue is actually a barn on the grounds of a historic mill.  To stick with a country/vintagy feel I am doing a lot of gingham and lace incorporated into the decor (ie. I will probably wrap lace around mason jars for our centerpiece vases, tie little gingham ribbons around the napkins, etc.)  My dress is also lace.

    Colors were a very tough decision for me, because I really wanted something that wouldn't blend into the barn and be boring (like brown, tan, or gold or anything like that) so you have to first consider the venue.  Then, because we are in june, I REALLY want it to feel like a summer wedding, so I narrowed it down that I want at least one bright color.  Well, my favorite flowers are sunflowers and daisies soooo I chose yellow for basically all my flowers (possibly bridesmaids, a little unsure).  For the same summer reason I didn't want the guys in black, and as mentioned I didnt want tan either, so I am going with gray suits for the guys.  SO I selected gray and yellow, but still wanted a little pop, so I am also doing cobalt blue since it is easy to find that color dresses, gingham, napkins, tablecloths, etc. that will contrast well in the barn.  SOOO that makes my colors gray blue and yellow.

    Though some of my favorite combinations I have seen are purple and coral or pink and gray, pale green and pink, blue and bright green, Pink and ivory with brown, red and black, yellow and black, and turquoise, blue and silver.

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  • I don't have a venue yet and that's first on the list. As for style, that was the thing i thought about while i was waiting for us to be ready to set a date. I do know that my main color will be yellow because that's my favorite color. Specifically, a light lemon sort of yellow. I'm still not 100% on the secondary color but I kind of like a sage or pastel green. My favorite style is kind of garden-like, simple but elegant. I think yellow and green would match that well. I'd say just look at tons of pictures, save the ones you like and see if there is a trend in the things you are drawn too. That's how I figured out the style I like.
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  • emmyroo, I too almost did sage/pistachio green and yellow, it's a beautiful combination!!!

    Honestly, the only reason I didn't is because i can't find the right color green dresses, linens, etc. without paying too much just for a color.  Green is the color humans can distinguish the most, so there are a million different colors across the board, super hard to make them match, and even worse the human eye can pick up on the differences really easily.  :-(
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  • I would say try to get the big things booked first, we have plenty of time to worry about the little things, even though the little things eat away at me too, like the fact that we havent officially decided on our colors and have been going back and forth with it for like 3 months.

    I booked my reception venue (food/bar included) and ceremony venue. The reception venue, catering, and ceremony location are the three most important things for me. Photography is next. I have a list of photographers I really like and will be setting up meetings with them in the next month or so. Flowers, cake, DJ, videographer, etc, meetings will all happen over the summer, but I am researching everything now and getting an idea what I want. I am planning on going dress shopping in August, and am starting to make my list of places where I want to go.

    FI and I are almost positive we are doing light pink and green. My favorite color is pink and his is green, and I really love the two together. I think it would be perfect for an outdoors summer wedding. However, FI keeps saying he sees himself wearing a black tux. With this color scheme and it being summer, I am really trying to convince him to go with a khaki/light tan colored tux. I am just not seeing light pink and green with black tuxes :( so we are working on that now. If you are unsure of colors I would recommend checking out theperfectpalette dot com for inspiration.
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  • We both knew we wanted a shade of blue since it's our favorite color. We just didn't know which shade of blue-there are SO many! But while walking through the mall we saw a tux in a display case in a shade of blue that was gorgeous.. We knew immediately that was one of our wedding colors. (It's Peacock Blue, not the light blue but the darker shade) From there we chose the accent color by looking at our venue. 

    We have a ballroom setting and in it there are twinkly lights and a gorgeous chandelier that lights up and glows gold. It's breathtaking. I cannot wait for our first dance! But anyways, we decided to play up the gold in the room and made our 2nd color Golden. [Which is now actually Champagne since Mens Wearhouse changed our wedding colors on us last week. Gah. Almost lost my mind on them when they did that.] 

    At our venue, the catering, bar and cake is included so that helped us a lot. My cousin has her own photography studio and we booked with her. She gave us $1,000 off of her wedding package so it's within our budget. Plus I'm happy it's someone who I know and can be relaxed around. 

    We still have to find a new ceremony site since we absolutely hate the one at our reception venue. We saw it for the first time Thursday and it's the saddest room I have ever seen. 
    A dj-delegated that to FI, a florist, DOC, possibly a videographer and favors. Um, and wedding stationary, linens, and all bridal party dresses. Plus makeup and hair for the ladies.  *I realize now that we have barely did anything. Holy crap.*

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  • We booked our venue, which has helped us firm up a loose "style", it's an outdoor venue.  The colors we kind of stumbled on, I spent a lot of time browsing pictures of other weddings, and I really liked sapphire blue with lime green.  There were lots of colors I thought would be ok, but FI and I couldn't agree on anything else, so here we are, and the more I research, the happier I am with the decision.  We'll probably book our officiant and photographer within the next month or two. We've decided on a baker but not booked yet.  Have several DJ's and caterers to look at.  It's nice having the time to look around and make educated decisions, I'm so glad we're not getting married this June!
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  • I'm starting with venue. We haven't booked it yet but have narrowed it down to 3 locations that fit our budget. I'm holding off on the other stuff until venue is set. I have a photographer lined up already because I've worked with her before.
    Once I book the venue than I will decide on Florist, bakery, DJ, etc. Colors I've decided on I just went with my favorite colors blue and purple, blue is my FI favorite color as well.
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    We're getting the big stuff done first:
    Date & Venue - Ours includes catering, so that's taken care of as well.
    Officiants - started meeting and talking with them (we're doing a Jewish-Catholic Interfaith service)
    Music - secured our DJ
    Photographers - setting up meetings to hopefully book soon

    I'll probably start looking for a dress this summer. Cake and Flowers I personally don't care that much about, so those won't get tackled until the Fall.

    Invites/paperstuffs will get taken care of next Winter.
  • I started wth my dress, for two reasons. First, I work in a bridal shop and have for over 2 years so I knew what I liked and didn't like. Second, for me the dress set the tone of my wedding, so I have based everything else around that. At the same time I chose my dress, I decided on colors (or so I thought!). I have actually changed my colors twice now, making it more elegent and less like a backyard bar-b-que. However, I think I am set now but we will see.

    The only vendor we have officially booked is the venue. We are getting married in the Texas hill country, and some of the best venues there are booked out a year or more in advance for a weekend wedding. Because of this, when I found the perfect venue we went ahead and booked it. I haven't booked any other vendors; however, I do know what I want for the other things, including the dinner, the cake design, the centerpieces, and many other ideas. I am choosing vendors based on those who understand what I am looking for and can help me get to my vision.

    Invites and other staionary I am watching several websites for good deals, and since we have a date I will get those when they are at the best price. As far as the rest, I am planning little by little. I am also a college student finishing up my last long semester and will graduate in August so after that I will be able to spend more time getting down to the details.
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