Lafayette Park Hotel - Lafayette, CA

Hi There, 
Has anyone visited/booked the Lafayette Park Hotel? What did you think of it? 

Thanks & happy planning :)

Re: Lafayette Park Hotel - Lafayette, CA

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    It's beautiful.  A VERY long time ago, I helped a friend out and babysat during a wedding there.  If that middle courtyard is still avail, it would be a perfect ceremony setting w/ a string quartet.
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    was a bm at a wedding there and it was very nice and they blocked rooms for party and family
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    I was looking into getting married there but it ended up being a little out of my budget, however I want to let you know that they will really work with your budget. When I told them it was out of my budget, they actually ended up emailing me about a month later and said they would waive the room and coutryard fees, which if I remember were around $2000, something like that. The coordinator was really trying to work with me and it wasnt a bad deal, just out of my particular budget. However if you stick to your guns, you can def make it happen, they will work with you. Good luck its beautiful there :)
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    I looked at it and it was a definite contender.  The courtyard was nice and would make a beautiful ceremony spot.  I did not like that the cocktail hour was in the same courtyard so it was going to be hard to set that up in that small or a space.  Thought it was beautiful and they were really nice when we went there.  My biggest consern was that it maxed out at 150 people and our first guess of guest count was 148 so that gave no wiggle room.  The food there should be amazing since the Duck Club has such great food.  Hope you decide on the venue and know you made the right decision.  It is a great feeling when that happens.  We ended up out at Purple Orchid Inn in Livermore.  It was perfect for us.
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    Thanks for the input, ladies :) I think LPH is the venue for us. . I really love it! Can't wait to visit the spa there. 
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    Update - We booked it :) 
    So happy to have that decision made. 
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