I have struggled with acne for awhile now and I also have some scarring. I have been seen by my regular doctor a number of times and have been put on a numerous amount of topical creams and medication. I have also been to a dermatologist who also put me on topical cream although he didn't seem like he was really trying to help. I felt that he was just trying to get me out of his office! So.. do any of you guys recommend a dermatologist?

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    Dr. Stoller is a very successful dermatologist, but you need to plan on each appointment being an hour-long ordeal (the appointments never start on time so spending about 40 minutes in the waiting room isn't uncommon). His two Yorkies are often behind the front desk and I'm not really a fan of that. They don't bark, it's just weird to me.

    There are a couple dermatologists in CUMC. I believe it was Dr. Huerter who I had met and he was very nice. 

    Dr. Schlessinger is pretty successful as well, but I don't have much experience with him. 

    A google search for "dermatologist Omaha" brings up a ton of options, so I would suggest finding one close to you and seeing how that goes! It will help if you're able to give a complete history by saying what has worked for you and what hasn't.
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    I can't recommend a derm, but I have recently read an article about apple cider vinegar being great for acne. It's also the only vinegar that we can drink. I just bought some from because I wanted to try it and Ithink things are looking pretty good. I tried it topically mixed with some water and it made my face feel really smooth. (not going to lie--it smelled really bad!) Here is an article about it. It's also really good for you health-wise. Im sure it won't help with the scarring, but if you continue to break out it might help! 

  • The best product for acne is clear advantage by Arbonne. I remember my wife had terrible acne prior to our wedding and we tried out the Clear Advantage. Her acne went away in a week. It works so good because all the ingridients are natural and bontanical which means everything is derived from plants and science. There are absolutely no added chemicals or other additives like majority of acne products. Go to www.arbonnejack for more product information. If it worked for my wife, it could work for you! Thanks
  • Do not go to Schlessinger...the guy is crazy with a capital C!!!
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