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North Carolina

Ball, Kerr, any size mason jars needed

I still need to purchase a lot of these jars, clear/aqua, and I am hoping someone close to Charlotte has some for sale. Let me know!


Re: Ball, Kerr, any size mason jars needed

  • I would check out Michaels, Yard sales and flea markets :)
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  • You should be able to buy these by the case at grocery stores and places like Lowe's hardware soon. 
  • I haven't had any luck at the flea market currently open here. The hardware and grocery store will be my last stop if I do not have enough, as I am trying to buy them used since that's cheaper. As George Banks said, "I want the chipper chicken."


  • Try Craigslist. I occassionally see them on there.
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  • When do you need them by? I'm getting married May 19th and will have about 4 dozen painted to look like antique aqua mason jars I'll need to get rid of. If you can wait until after Memorial Day when we return from our honeymoon, I'd be more than happy to sell them to you for cheap!

    If you can't wait, I bought all of mine from Walmart. Seriously, Walmart has the best selection of canning goods including every size mason jar you could possibly need!
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  • There are tons of Antique places in Selma, NC and they have TONS of blue mason jars. It's where we got the ones we're using for our rehearsal dinner.
  • craigslist!

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  • What size are they? Do you happen to have a photo of one? I've never seen them painted. Thank you and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  • I have about 3 dozen pint-sized jars and 1 dozen quart sized jars. 

    THISentry of my wedding blog shows a whole bunch of them and describes the process to paint them if you're interested in doing it yourself.

    They aren't perfect - there are some streaks and un-evenness. But, in low light with candles or water/flowers in them, they look great. I don't know what sort of condition they'll be in after our wedding though. I'm planning to fill half up with sand and candles and a bunch more with water and floating candles. I haven't kept one lit for more than a few minutes so I don't know if the wax from the candles will stick to the sand or jars...I guess I'll find out in a few weeks.
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  • abelyearabelyear
    edited April 2012
    Your jars looks really good and I am defintely interested in buying them. I do not use this site too often, so when you are ready to sell after your wedding, send me an email at [email protected]. Thank you!

    P.S. Your blog is cute!

  • Anastasia,

    I'm not here all the often either so I will definitely email you after our wedding to talk some more. Thanks and good luck with your planning!

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