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6 days before the wedding and....

I wake up with a runny nose and scratchy ears err.... I hope whatever is trying to make a home knows that this is the most inconvient time for it to do so.

Re: 6 days before the wedding and....

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    Take some EmergenC and Airborne.  Hope you feel better!
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    Ditto jagore =) Drink some orange juice & try to get some rest...
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    i feel ya. we are a week after you and both FI and MOH are sick as dogs! i'm hoping it blows over and that i don't catch what they have. so far so good. the airborne is working on me, but it didn't do a thing for them. hang in there!
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    Airborne heard wonders about it! EVERYONE is getting sick crazy!

    Hopefully it's something you can just brush it off!
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    And... if you start with fever, cough, nausea.... go to MD and ask for Tamiflu... it can shorten flu signs and symptoms if that is what it becomes ... so you dont miss too much honeymoon fun.
    Avoid alcohol and lack of sleep.... they weaken your immunity.
    Good luck
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    Skip sugar, alcohol and dairy. Get 9+ hours of sleep, take extra vitamin C and a multi-vitatmin. If you're stuffed up, get a Neti Pot for sure (they have plastic ones at Walgreens) which will help keep it from turning into a sinus infection. Good luck!
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    Vitamin D supplements also help boost your immune system.  Lots of sleep will help.  Avoid processed foods, alcohol, sodas, caffine and processed sugar.

    If you feel sick never understimate the power of good old chicken soup with lots of garlic.  That stuff is very nourishing and can knock out many things.
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    Sending {{good knottie vibes}} your way
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